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Selection of caretaker CM be made without prejudice: MQM

Selection of caretaker CM be made without prejudice: MQM
 Posted on: 3/14/2013
A joint meeting of Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee held in London and Karachi, simultaneously, decided with a consensus that the caretaker Sindh chief minister must be appointed without any prejudice and pressure.
The Coordination Committees of both London and Pakistan which met on Thursday evening to discuss the situation arising out in wake of appointment of caretaker chief minister for Sindh, arrived at a consensus that the caretaker chief minister of the province must be chosen without any prejudice and pressure and Mohajirs should also be considered eligible and able for the post of caretaker Sindh chief minister in a manner similar to that of old and local Sindhis.
The meeting questioned that how long when all those Mohajirs whose parents graves are in Sindh and whose life and death, livelihood and living was very much linked with Sindh and those who are abroad in connection with jobs and yet they sent their earnings only to the province, would not be considered son of Sindh’s soil.
Wondering that till what time Mohajirs despite having all the abilities and capabilities and meeting all standards would continued to considered ineligible for the post of Sindh chief minister, the Coordination Committee said that it was beyond its comprehension that why the names of Mohajir retired judges, former bureaucrats and other eminent personalities are not considered for the post of Sindh chief minister and whether only old Sindhis have the right to become caretaker chief minister of the province.
The meeting said that the MQM wanted that the appointment of Sindh’s caretaker chief minister be made purely on merit and without any prejudice.
The meeting noted with concern that on the one hand, there is not a single name of any Mohajir amongst all those being considered and suggested by all groups for the post of Sindh’s caretaker chief minister and, on the other, it was being said that no Mohajir would be acceptable for the post of Sindh chief minister even if they are capable and competent for the post.
“Isn’t it an ironic that people belonging to Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkwa could be appointed as IGP, DIG, Commissioner, Home Secretary, Chief Secretary and on other top positions in Sindh while the Mohajirs who were born and nurtured in Sindh and whose livelihood is linked with Sindh could not be considered eligible for the post of Chief minister of the province,” the coordination committee’s meeting opined.
The meeting deplored that elders of Mohajir had not struggled and sacrificed their lives for the creation of Pakistan that their sons would not be considered as the son of soil even after 65 years since Pakistan came into being and be considered as the second and third-degree citizens.
It said that MQM was the representative party of all oppressed and suppressed people of Pakistan and in which people belonging to all languages including all those Urdu-speaking Sindhi people.
The Coordination Committee has, however, decided that MQM will choose the name of a person for the post of Sindh’s caretaker chief minister keeping in view their character, reputation and their past attitude irrespective of the fact whether he is new or old Sindhi.

7/23/2018 3:04:22 AM