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Altaf Hussain demands to stop killing MQM workers in Punjab

Altaf Hussain demands to stop killing MQM workers in Punjab
 Posted on: 12/10/2014
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The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), Mr. Altaf Hussain said if the brutal killings of MQM workers were not stopped in Punjab than none of the Punjab Cabinet Ministers were not allowed to enter into Sindh province.
Talking to an emergency meeting of MQM office-bearers and workers at MQM headquarters Nine-Zero to condemn the brutal killing of Sialkot Vice-President Bao Muhammad Anwar, MQM Chief demanded the UK government to return his passport, even if it would continue with its investigations against him. He said that he wanted to embrace martyrdom among his workers and companions during the struggle for his nation.
Mr. Hussain said that more than four hundred MQM workers and supporters were killed during the last two years. He said that he always advised his workers to show patience and trust in God’s justice. He said that even though, he had option to advise his people to retaliate against any aggression but he suggested them to show patience.
He said according to the Islamic fundamental law, one had right to retaliate but forgiving the enemy was best act in the eyes of Allah. He said that MQM Senators, MNAs and MPAs were getting high salaries but they did not pay Muttahida Quami Fund and people, who had grade 17 or 18 jobs, having cars and houses, now forgot the party and workers.
Mr. Hussain said that he was living in UK for the last two and half decades, where he was booked in various cases and if UK government sentenced him life in prison but it could did not change his stance to bifurcate the truth and falsehood. He said that after being disappointed by the Coordination Committee, he contacted with the workers of MQM Sectors, Units and Women Wing to carry on the business of the party.
He said that it was also happened in 1992, when the entire central committee became the part of the conspiracy of the establishment, then the workers of MQM Sectors and Units supported him. He said that the army, ISI and Rangers could kill him but he would not bow down and would prefer to face any hardship.
Mr. Hussain said that he did have feelings of grief over the killing of PTI worker Haq Nawaz in Faisalabad and would demand to arrest his murderers. He said that for the last 48 hours, all the TV channels kept commenting on his death but hundreds of MQM workers were killed during the recent past but no one ever commented or mentioned them in their talk-shows.
He said that on Tuesday night, MQM senior member and Vice-President of District Sialkot, Bao Muhammad Anwar was brutally killed in a terrorist attack. He said that he was killed in the presence of police and the murderers could successfully flee from the spot.
Mr. Hussain said that MQM MNA Tahira Asif was also murdered in a targeted-killing in Lahore but her murderers yet to be arrested. He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, IGP and DIGP Punjab were the responsible to protect the lives and properties of the people.
He criticized on the TV channels for not relaying the news of the death of Bao Muhammad Anwar and said that if PTI worker was killed all the TV channels and talk-shows started debating about him but they did not take any notice on the killings of MQM workers. He said MQM is the third largest party in the country having 7 representatives in Senate, 25 in National Assembly and 51 in Sindh Assembly.
Addressing to the TV channels’ owners, MQM Chief said that they forgot their eternity and pursued money in their greed. He said that if the TV channels did not pay appropriate attentions to MQM than people would prosecute them accordingly. He said that everyone would blame him in their talk-shows that Altaf Hussain said that and this but nobody wanted to depict the true picture of the fact.
He said that army and Rangers personnel should arrest the criminals, including thieves, murderers and street criminals but presented them in the courts and let the court decide their fate. He demanded to stop murders of Urdu-speaking youths in extra-judicial killings after brutally torture.
Mr. Hussain said that his elder brother Nasir Hussain and nephew Arif Hussain were killed even they were non-political people but he showed patience despite abusing Pakistan. He said that he needed educated, honest and brave workers from all the Sectors, so he could choose members of Coordination Committee among them.
He said that all the Sector In-charges should coordinate themselves to organize a peaceful protest against the killing of Vice-President District Sialkot Bao Muhammad Anwar. He said that Sector In-charges should prove that MQM could run its business without Coordination Committee.

5/23/2018 5:43:39 AM