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Our life and death is tied with this land. We will not migrate again: Altaf Hussain

Our life and death is tied with this land. We will not migrate again: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 12/9/2014
Address on the occasion of Martyrs Day
Addressing the Pakistani establishment and leaders of all political and religious parties, MQM leader Mr Altaf Hussain said we will not go back to India. “We have to live here. Our life and death is tied with this land. We cannot migrate once again.”
He said this while addressing a large gathering in Jinnah Ground, Azizabad on the occasion of the Martyrs Day, organized by MQM on 9th December each year in memory of the martyrs of the MQM.
MQM leaders, elected public representatives, office-bearers, workers and sympathizers of the MQM attended the programme. Family members of the martyrs were also present to pay homage to their loved-ones.
Mr Hussain paid rich tributes to the workers and sympathizers of MQM who embraced martyrdom during its long struggle spanning over 36 years.
Mr Hussain said it is extremely necessary for the younger generation to know as to what led to the formation of All Pakistan Mohajir Students’ Organization and the reasons behind its journey from Mohajir Quami Movement to Muttahida Quami Movement.
He said, “379 MQM workers were martyred during the last two years. On some occasion several MQM workers were arrested at a time and after a few days their mutilated bodies were thrown on streets.”
“When MQM workers are martyred by inhuman torture after being arrested or kidnapped, the news is not highlighted in the media. Only the MQM press release is published or broadcast and no more.”
Referring to the Model Town tragedy in Lahore, Mr Hussain said, “Twelve people, including two women, were martyred as a result of firing by police on June 2014 outside the residence of Pakistan Awami Tehreek leader Allama Tahirul Qadri. We were all grieved by the incident. The tragedy was discussed on TV talk shows for a number of days and several programmes were held on the topic.”
“When the PAT organized a sit-in against this injustice, the MQM was the only party that arranged water, food, and medical assistance for the participants of the sit-in.”
“When a PTI worker was gunned down in Faisalabad a few days ago, the MQM extended sympathies to the PTI leaders and condemned the unleashing of terrorism against PTI workers. The PTI held demonstrations across the country. They resorted to sloganeering and burning of tyres which were covered live by television channels.”
“When demonstrations are held throughout the country on the death of one person no one says anything but whenever there is a public reaction against the tragic killing of several MQM workers, it is called terrorism and there is a great hue and cry against it.”
Mr Hussain said the difference lies in being the son of the soil. “A son of a soil can get away with almost anything but the descendants of those who laid down sacrifices of 2 million people for making Pakistan a reality are not considered Pakistanis with open heart even after 67 years. When I speak against this, it is called prejudice.”
“Many people will testify that during the Nizam-e-Mustafa movement in 1977, straight fire was opened on the demonstrators in Karachi under the orders of Pakistan Army but when this demonstration was held in Lahore, the officers and men of the army refused to open fire on the demonstrators. They said that they would not fire on their brothers. In spite of all this we are told to talk about Pakistani nationhood and one nation.”
He asked if it was not unjust that MQM, which is the most organized political party of Pakistan, does not get even one per cent coverage on the national television channel. MQM news are not broadcast because we are not considered Pakistanis.”
Addressing the think tank of the armed forces Mr Hussain appealed that this discrimination should end. Steps should be taken to provide justice to all.
People of Hyderabad have been demanding the establishment of a university in their city for the past 67 years. Former Education Minister of the Sind Province said that a university in Hyderabad would be made over his dead body. On the other hand, the Sindhi dignitaries ask the Urdu-speaking people to become Sindhis and not consider themselves as Mohajirs. We want to ask them if Hyderabad is not a part of Sindh. Why no protest was held on opposing the demand for making a university in Hyderabad?”
Mr Hussain said that the MQM had been striving for the rights of Sindh province and its people. “The MQM refused to sign the NFC Award when Sindh was not given its due share in the award. The MQM become a strong wall against the Kalabagh Dam because of the reservations of the people of Sindh. But despite all this we are not considered Sindhis.”
Mr Hussain said that he had been living in exile for the past 25 years away from his colleagues and families of the MQM martyrs. “My heart yearns to come to my people and offer prayers on the graves of the martyrs.”
Mr Hussain said that the MQM was the first political party of the country that only talked about the rights of the poor people but also actually got elected poor but educated people and sent them to Senate, National Assembly and Provincial Assembly. Those who say that the PTI is the first part that gave political awareness to the poor do not tell the truth.
Mr Hussain said it was because of the sacrifices of the martyrs that Bills for establishing universities in Karachi, Hyderabad and Nawabshah had been unanimously passed by the Sindh Assembly.
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