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Altaf Hussain appeals to the government and army chief to take effective measures for the protection of lives and properties of people

Altaf Hussain appeals to the government and army chief to take effective measures for the protection of lives and properties of people
 Posted on: 2/13/2014
Why has the army  failed to defend Pakistan from internal and external threats?

The Founder and Leader of MQM Mr Altaf Hussain chaired a joint meeting of London and Pakistan Rabita Committees. They unanimously expressed condemnation of attack on police personnel near Police Training Center in Razakabad. They expressed deep sorrow and grief over the tragic incident and in which scores of policemen were killed and injured. Participants of the meeting expressed sympathies and condolences with the bereaved families and prayed for the speedy recovery of the injured people.
Addressing the joint meeting Mr. Hussain said, “Bomb attacks and killing of policemen and innocent people has started since the negotiation with the Taliban started. The attack on police van is one of the tragic outrage in Pakistan, which is highly condemnable.”
“These police officers have sacrificed their lives for defending the country and people. Some of them would have been sole bread earners of their families. Only MQM can understand pain and agony of the affected families. We share their grief. We have been burying our martyred workers who have lost their lives because of state repression and terrorist attacks.  Our workers have been subjected to inhuman torture in detention. We cannot describe their sufferings and  pain.  Thousands of MQM’s workers have lost their live because of state repression were the bread earners of their families. They were brothers, husbands and father, “ Mr. Hussain said.
“MQM has supported negations with the Taliban despite the bitter facts they have carried out bloodbaths, attacked mosques, Imambargahs, attacked our defense installations and cut slaughtered our army personnel, policemen and personnel belonging to law enforcement agencies. We did this so no one can say MQM wanted to disturb the peace negotiations with the Taliban.  MQM has clear stance on this issue wants to do negotiation on equal terms. However, terrorist attacks are still going on since the commencement of peace negotiations.  It is strange we are beating drums on the success of peace negotiations while Taliban is carrying our subversive activities which has resulted mourning in homes.  Recently, Taliban has given a statement that they will continue to attack the armed forces of Pakistan and will not spare their generals if they get a chance, “ Mr. Hussain said.
“Today our hearts are sad because of the deaths of policemen. They are targeting MQM instead of taking action against the terrorists. MQM’s 45 workers are missing, including three members of PIB Sector. We have filed petitions in the courts for the recovery of our workers, but the courts, police and other law enforcement agencies have failed to recovery them. Where should we go now when police and law enforcement agencies have failed to deal with terrorists? , “ Mr. Hussain said.
“When we made an appeal to the Chief of Army General Raheel to take notice of the law and order in the country and take measures for the protection of lives and properties of people. Some people have started criticizing me. These critics should be thankful to Allah that their loved ones not become victims of terrorism. Otherwise, their feelings would be like us, “ Mr. Hussain said.
Addressing the government especial General Raheel Mr. Hussain said, “ It is the appeal of MQM and every compassionate  Pakistani they should take effective measures to end terrorism and the protection of innocent people. If they cannot do so then they should explain to people why have they failed to defend Pakistan from internal and external threats? I demand that the government should provide sophisticated weapons and equipment to the police department.”
Mr. Hussain prayed to Allah to grant high places in Jannah for the policemen who embraced martyrdom. He also prayed to Allah to give strength families to bear the loss. He prayed for the speedy recovery of the injured policemen. He also prayed to Allah for the elimination of terrorism from the country. He prayed to Allah to give power to rulers so they could take tough decisions and protect the lives and properties of people.
Mr. Hussain deplored the statement of the Sindh Government’s spokesman who had termed the attack on police in Karachi in reaction to the ongoing police actions in Karachi. He added that they Taliban had accepted the responsibility of the attack. The Sindh Government’s spokesman defends the extrajudicial actions of the policemen, but hesitate to point finger at the Taliban because of fear. 
“The way Sindh Government’s spokesman are issues preposterous statements over the attack on police van indicates they are not sincere. They have diverted the operation against MQM. Supreme Court has said that every party has  militant wings. Why are they not taking action against them?  Like 90s, the operation has been divert to crush Muhajirs. They are not willing to take action against banned outfits. The Sindh government is misleading the federal government by issue false statement.  Can the Sindh government tell how many terrorist have they killed?  Taliban killed the CID SP Chaudry Aslam in a broad day light, which is a slap on the face of the administration and the Sindg government? Instead of taking action against his killers they have diverted all their resources to crus MQM. Taliban terrorists are roaming about freely. Today’s tragic incident has occurred because this policy. 

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