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Mohajir is our identity, Sindh our homeland; says MQM Supremo Mr. Altaf Hussain

Mohajir is our identity, Sindh our homeland; says MQM Supremo Mr. Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 11/22/2021

Mohajir is our identity, Sindh our homeland; says MQM Supremo Mr. Altaf Hussain


LONDON. November 22nd, 2021:

Muttahida Qaumi Movement' s (MQM) Supremo, great salvation leader, statesman, academician, ideologue, philanthropist and revolutionary leader, Altaf Hussain has vociferously asserted that Mohajir is our identity and his identity is pure Mohajir and Sindh land is our homeland.

"My loyal workers and people have decided that they will not accept the miserable life of slaves at any cost. There is also an unequivocal position that has prevailed and widely recognised that Pakistan will soon go bankrupt economically and this devastating position can't be reversed unless the decayed and ghoulish anti-humanity feudal and unbridled capitalist system is erased.

He expressed these views while addressing a meeting of senior MQM workers in New York City, U.S.A. Sunday. Members of Central Coordination Committee and Central Organising Committee of MQM U.S.A. were also present.

Mr. Hussain in his address, said that All Pakistan Mohajirs Students Organisation was formed on June 11, 1978 in Karachi University. The overwhelming majority of Mohajirs embraced it. Time is the touchstone for everyone. Under compulsions, loyalists preferred staying at home and they refused to strengthen hands of the traitors and their creators.

He said when he was in New York city in 1987, some armed men in several vehicles near the Totter borough Bridge chased him for a murderous attack. The security guards had fled," he said.  But, he continued guiding his colleagues on how to drive. He said that death is a reality, day of death is fixed but Allah Almighty kept him safe for the salvation of the oppressed.

After the military operation in 1992, the army formed a Haqiqi terrorist group and then formed the Azeem Ahmed Tariq Group.

Mr. Hussain said that in 2015, on military's enforced verdict, he was placed under sanctions in Pakistan and listening to his speech, carrying out his statements, publishing his words were all restricted.

From 2015 to 2016, the authorities did not want to relax or remove unlawful sanctions. Amid that horrible situation, traitors parted ways and there was nobody in ranks and file of the MQM to dare to challenge that act of tyranny.

The then Coordination Committee started bargaining on martyrs' blood and was patronised by the military.

Today, several gangs of opportunists are on cards such as the gang of traitors at Bahadurabad, P.I.B. Colony and others like Haqiqi and Kamaloo traitors.

He said that he himself has been imprisoned three times during the movement's struggle. He reminded that his brother-in-law Aslam Abrahani was arrested and tortured in Adiala Jail, Rawalpindi. After his release, he became seriously ill due to inhumane torture and finally departed to Paradise.

He said he refused to bow down his head so, his brother, nephew and brother-in-law were picked, tortured and martyred.

He said that in the meantime, the ISI had set up cases against him in the United Kingdom to build pressure on MQM and him to surrender.

The Central Coordination Committee went on a hunger strike against state atrocities.

"I was observing on deteriorating condition of the comrades on hunger strike for a week and no government official came to the hunger strike camp and showed solidarity.

On August 22, 2016, he said he had told all the comrades to end their hunger strike and return to their homes.  Go and protest peacefully in front of the Rangers headquarters and offer sacrifices like workers.

Mr. Hussain said that in 1994 we filed a 12-volume petition in the Supreme Court through Barrister Farooq Hassan but no action was taken on it till-date. We have not received justice. The indifference of the state, the media trial, the disappointment from the courts, the persistence of anti-Mohajir sentiments and the anguish of the peaceful protesting comrades brought him to the point that he was compelled to say that if a country where justice is lacking should be called dead (down with it).

He said that he had on August 22, 2016, told his colleagues that one-sided propaganda was being spread against us and we are not given the right of fare trial and freedom of expression, henceforth, they should meet the owners of media houses in the form of a delegation and talk to them.

In the meantime, some comrades approached some journalists and cameramen in the vicinity of hunger strike camp, he stopped them because the reporters and cameramen are poor and oppressed just like us, we have no complaints against them, we have complaints against those media owners who make policy.

The ruling elite has always been exploiting us. Today, the situation is that the film industry Radio Pakistan, PIA and the headquarters of the banks have been shifted from Karachi to Islamabad, the Rangers has occupied the premise of Radio Pakistan in Karachi.

He said that Punjab's eyes are on Karachi to somehow separate Karachi from Sindh and make it a satellite colony of Punjab. This conspiracy of Greater Punjab was exposed in 1995 by him.

Mr. Hussain said that the traitors of the Mohajir nation have traded their conscience and Mohajir are a victim of their treachery. Their basic rights are being usurped, Mohajirs especially, women, are being treated with contempt by non-natives and these traitorous gangs are sheer silent spectators. These people used to live in rented houses when they joined the movement but today, they own bungalows in DHA and Clifton (posh areas)

He said that under the minus Altaf Hussain formula, the army provided all kinds of facilities and support to these traitors.

Mr. Hussain said he is now 68 years old and doesn't want anything for him but he wants rights for the oppressed of Sindh.

Mr. Hussain said that even today, his position is unequivocal that Pakistan is on the verge of economic bankruptcy and the country cannot be made economically stable until the old feudal and unbridled capitalist system is eradicated from the country.

He said that in order to drive Russia out of Afghanistan, the world powers blindly gave the Pakistani army the power to create Al Qaeda and Taliban which became such a monster that 40 years later the United States had to withdraw from Afghanistan. Now Pakistan is becoming the replica of Afghanistan.

China has completely taken over Pakistan. The world powers will not allow Pakistan to become Afghanistan at any cost and will not shy away from any step to stop the spread of religious extremism. The world powers are well aware that MQM is the only liberal and secular party in the country. 

He said that the poor peasants and working class and enlightened intellectuals of Sindh are also with the MQM against the outdated feudal and tribal system.

Mr. Hussain said that his determination is still alive. There is a commitment that he will neither give up the struggle for the rights of the oppressed nor will he surrender to state oppression.

Addressing the senior members of the movement, the MQM Supremo said, "I am very happy to be talking to you today after a long time. I pay my tribute to my loyalists.

The workers reciprocally said that they trust him and that they will continue to struggle for freedom of Sindh under his dynamic leadership.

1/17/2022 3:42:53 PM