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MQMConvener Nadeem Nusrat calls on Senator John McCain in Washington D.C

 Posted on: 6/23/2017

MQMConvener Nadeem Nusrat calls on Senator John McCain in Washington D.C

“U.S. – Pak relations won’t pull out from harsh to comfortable position unlessPakistan ends support to Haqqani Network – Trump Administration is reviewingPak-Afghan Policy and that would be a decisive point for Pakistan – Senator Mr.John McCain”

“Meetingwas held at First Common Wealth Annual Leadership Dinner hosted by JeffersonInstitute for Public Policy – MQM Convener briefed Senator Mr. John McCain ongenocide of Mohajirs in Pakistan – Senator Mr. John McCain was informed thatPakistan security forces are patrons of banned terrorist organisations – U. S.should review its policy towards Pakistan regarding financial and military aid– U. S. should play vibrant role for bringing an end to genocide of Balouchsand Mohajirs”

LONDON. June 22, 2017: MuttahiddaQaumi Movement’s (MQM) Pakistan Coordination Committee Convener Mr. NadeemNusrat called on United States senior leader Senator Mr. John McCain inWashington D.C.  The meeting was held onthe occasion of First Common Wealth Annual Leadership Dinner, which was hostedby Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. U. S. Congressmen, Diplomats,Policy-making Think Tanks, NGOs, Editors, Eminent businessmen and tradesmen ofthe U. S., and eminent people from different walks of life attended the Dinner.

Senator McCain and U. S. Under Secretaryof State Ms. Paula Dobriansky were special guests at the Dinner.

MQM Coordination CommitteeConvener Nusrat was invited to attend the Dinner.

Senator Mr. McCain belongs to theRepublican Party and he had contested U. S. Presidential Elections in 2008 forPresident opposite to Mr. Barac Obama. Senator Mr. McCain also heads the U. S.Armed Services Committee of the Senate as Chairman. He is very active onmatters and policies that pertain to Afghanistan and Pakistan and had alsooften visited Pakistan.

In his meeting with Senator Mr. McCain,the Convener Mr. Nusrat apprised him of ongoing military operation against MQMin Pakistan and also discussed about other matters.

Mr. Nusrat told Senator Mr. McCainthat MQM is a liberal and progressive political party but is passing throughvery harsh and deadliest military operation. MQM has unlawfully been restrictedto carry its political and charity activities in Pakistan by the establishment.MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has also been placed under unlawful banand his messages and pictures are banned in Pakistani media. Violations ofhuman rights of Balouchs and Mohajirs are rampant and widespread in Pakistan.

He also told Senator Mr. McCainthat the U. S. assists Pakistan with military and fiscal aides while Pakistanisecurity forces are overtly patronising the banned extremist and terroristorganisations. Henceforth, the U. S. should review its policies towardsPakistan and should play its vibrant role for the prevention of genocide ofBalouchs and Mohajirs.

He also expressed his reservationson China Pakistan Economic Corridor – CPEC –with regard to its hostile effectson Balouchs and Mohajirs.

Senator Mr. McCain told MQMConvener that it is an undeniable fact that the civil government in Pakistan isvery weal and it is a sheer of display that Pakistan is ruled by the civilians.

“Real power in Pakistan is with Pakistan’s armyand its security agencies”, said Senator


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