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Media corner ( What's going on in Media about MQM )

All ethnicities constitute MQM, asserts Khattak ,The Nation

 Date: 6/23/2012   Views:3632    Source: The Nation

KARACHI – The Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee is organising a public meeting of the Pakhtun community, living in Karachi, on June 24 at Jinnah Ground, Azizabad.

MQM leader Gulfaraz Khan Khattak, while addressing a news conference in this respect, said the meeting would be unique since the Pakhtuns were taking part in it.

He dispelled the impression that his party sought to represent only the Urdu-speaking people, asserting that Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochs, Pakhtuns, Hazarewal, Kashmiris and people belonging to other ethnicities constituted the MQM.

Khattak, who was flanked by Wasey Jalil and other MQM Coordination Committee members at the Khrusheed Memorial Hall, asserted, “The primary purpose of the public meeting is to frustrate the indiscriminate aims of anti-social elements sowing seeds of hatred and looking to stoke violence in the country’s business hub.”

He underlined the need for unity and solidarity, saying it was necessary to unite the people at every level in order to stem the rising tide of racial and linguistic prejudices. He reaffirmed that the basic object of the meeting was to foil the conspiracies designed to spread hatred among the citizens.

Eulogising his party chief, Khattak said that Altaf Hussain had given the message of love, peace, tolerance, brotherhood and unity, adding that today the MQM’s philosophy had reached all four provinces, besides Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

He recalled that the MQM had organised numerous similar public meetings in the past by following its long-standing traditions.

“The purpose of these meetings was to gather the people in order to highlight the idea of a strong and stable Pakistan.”

The MQM, he added, organised a public meeting under the theme of national solidarity at Jinnah Ground last year, in which people belonging to all nationalities living in Karachi participated.

Khattak appealed to the Pakhtun community living in Karachi to come to the MQM’s public meeting on June 24 in large numbers to make it historic and successful.

The MQM committee member also said he believed that the MQM was the only party of the country and Altaf Hussain the only leader that could bring a revolution in the country.