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It's high time to end feudal system: MQM,The News

 Date: 1/31/2013   Views:2815    Source: The News
LAHORE: Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) leader, Altaf Hussain, has said that MQM wants to bring a revolution that will empower 180 million people of Pakistan, and the rule of a few families would end.
“Time has come to end the feudal estates because if these feudal estates are not wound up now, they would finish the remaining Pakistan also.”

He was tele-addressing to a gathering of MQM workers and office-bearers in the Punjab House on the occasion of the announcement of the organizational setup of the MQM Central Punjab. Members of the Co-ordination Committee and Central Executive Committee were also present on the occasion.

Hussain said that the Punjab has been divided into communities and feudal estates. “Apparently the people of Pakistan are free, but if we make an objective analysis, we come to know that barring a few families, everyone in Pakistan is living a life of subjugation.”

“Conspiracies started in 1947 during the lifetime of the Quaid-i-Azam.

I still have a firm belief that the Quaid-i-Azam was murdered in 1948 under a dark conspiracy. After this, Liaquat Ali Khan, the first prime minister and the trusted hand of the Quaid-i-Azam was killed in broad daylight in a public meeting in Rawalpindi.”

“After the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan, Pakistan fell into the hands of thieves and robbers who took over power and subjugated the people of Pakistan. The dream of Allama Iqbal turned sour.”

“People of Punjab are compelled to vote for the privileged class.

People of the poor and middle classes are not in a position to challenge the ruling class and get their own candidates elected. Those who dare to stand up are persecuted and implicated in false cases.”

Hussain told the audience that they would have to pledge that they would refuse to live the life of slaves. “You have to save the country that was made by your forefathers and put it on the path of progress and prosperity.”

“This is a difficult work, but it can be achieved with courage and determination. I started from the University of Karachi, and today I have millions of followers in Pakistan.”

Hussain said that the people of Pakistan were suffering greatly because of inflated, unemployment and shortage of gas and electricity. “People are forced to commit suicide because of oppressive poverty, and they are even selling their children. If we want to break free, we must not run after the tested people.”

“When the MQM started its work in the Punjab, and people were being attracted towards it; conspiracies started in order to keep the MQM away. “However, the path of the MQM cannot be impeded now by conspiracies. Time is near when practical efforts for bringing the revolution would start from the Punjab itself.”

Hussain said that he did not need anything for himself. “I only want the welfare of the people of Pakistan.”

“There are better schools for the children of the rich while there are separate schools for the children of the poor. We want to remove this difference. We will establish a uniform system of education so that the children of the poor could also hope to get better education on merit.”

“There are modern hospitals with latest healthcare facilities for the rich while the poor have to go to government hospitals that are in deplorable conditions.

If the MQM became successful in its endeavour to bring a revolution in the country, it would convert all the big landed estates in hospitals and schools. The looted wealth would be deposited in the national exchequer.”

“Stern punishments would be given to people involved in corruption. A just and equitable system would be implemented that would give justice to the poor.”

In the end Hussain asked the workers and office-bearers to get ready for a historic public meeting at the Minar-i-Pakistan. He asked the newly-elected office-bearers of the Central Punjab to work with honesty.