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Save the life of Nisar Panhwar, MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain’s SOS appeal

 Save the life of Nisar Panhwar, MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain’s SOS  appeal
 Posted on: 9/1/2022 1

Para military Rangers arrested a former member of parliament of MQM Nisar Ahmed Panhwar in Karachi

 Save the life of Nisar Panhwar, MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain’s SOS  appeal


London: 1st September, 2022

Para military Rangers arrested a former Member of National Assembly (MNA), former MPA Member of Provincial Assembly of Sindh, Provincial Minister and a senior member of MQM led by Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain, Nisar Ahmed Panhwar in Karachi.

According to the details, between 29th   and 30th August 2022 at One O’ clock, am Monday late night, Paramilitary Rangers raided the house of Nisar Panhwar located in Saadi Town, Block 1 of Scheme 33 Karachi, Pakistan. During the raid Rangers forcefully entered the house to use the ladder and without a search warrant, invaded his privacy, harassed Nisar Panhwar’s family and took Nisar Panhwar into their custody.


It is to inform you that Nisar Panhwar had filed a constitutional petition in Sindh High Court against the unconstitutional ban on the speech of Mr. Altaf Hussain on Saturday, 27 August 2022, petition was to be heard on Tuesday, 30 August morning, but Nisar Ahmed Panhwar was arrested the very same night and was taken to an unknown place. His whereabout is still unknown which raised a very serious concerns to the safety of his life.

The family members of Nisar Panhwar went to the local Police Station to file a report against this illegal raid, arrest and enforced disappearance, but the police refused to file it. On which the family members reported on the police emergency phone number 15 and inquired in different police stations but failed to know the whereabout of Nisar Ahmed Panhwar.


On Tuesday morning at 8:30am, when his petition was heard in Sindh high court Bench headed by the Chief Justice Mr. Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh, Nisar Panhwar 's lawyer Khalid Mumtaz Advocate informed the court about Nisar Panhwar’s arrest and enforced disappearance.

Further serious incident happened on yesterday (Wednesday) 31st August, after the submission of petition against enforced disappearance of Nisar Panhwar, his sons Hasan Panhwar and Mohsin Panwar were returning to home personnel of law enforcement agency in a double cabin vehicle having number GP – 9065 outside Sindh high court tried to abduct Hasan Panhwar and Mohsin Panwar, fortunately they save themselves and returned to high court premises.

Today, Mohsin Panhwar, elder son of Nisar Panhwar has said in his latest video log that they receive some unknow phone calls that Nisar Panhwar has been killed in custody. Family members of Nisar Panhwar are being also harassed by authorities.

Today, the Sindh High court heard the petition of enforced disappearance of Nisar Panhwar but rather than to give order to immediate recovery of Nisar Panhwar, court adjourned the hearing till 13th October 2022.

MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain strongly condemn the arrest and enforced disappearance of Nisar Panhwar and harassing the family members of Nisar Panhwar.

Mr Hussain said that life of Nisar Panhwar is in severely under danger. He issued an SOS appeal to the UN and all human rights organisations to take immediate action and raise their voice to save the life of Nisar Panhwar on SOS basis.

Meanwhile, the Central Coordination Committee of the MQM has announced the worldwide protest against illegal arrest and enforce disappearance of Nisar Panhwar, harassment to his family members and human rights violation.

Demonstrations will be held in front of Pakistan embassies and SOS petitions will be sent to UN and all human rights organisations.

7/15/2024 7:58:41 PM