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Altaf Hussain offers condolences to Safia Akbar's family on Eid day via phone

 Posted on: 5/24/2020
Altaf Hussain offers condolences to Safia Akbar's family on Eid day via phone

LONDON. MAY 24, 2020: Muttahidda Quami Movement's (MQM) founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain, paid homage to late Safia Akbar. She was one of senior most affiliates of the United Kingdom chapter of the MQM and led the UK MQM Women Wing as in-charge. MQM affiliates all across the globe always held her in high esteem and respected her as the ideological mother.

She had passed away few days to Muslim religious festivity, the Eid-ul- Fitr and on that occasion of Eid, Mr. Hussain over the phone offered his condolences to late Akbar's sons, daughters and prayed for the departed soul's eternal comforts in highest abode of the Paradise.

Mr. Altar Hussain, while missing late Ms Akbar was so deeply agonised mentally that could not control his feelings and continued to sigh and cry.

He told them that Ms. Akbar was popular among the workers in Pakistan, U. S. A., Canada, United
Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. The Movement had always held her in high esteem and that everyone in the Movement respected her as his/her ideological mother. Henceforth, the MQM affiliates find it hard to a sirb the pain that has arisen from her departure to Heavenly abode in Paradise. All the affiliates have shared their pain in form of condolences and are busy in prayers to Almighty Allah for the elevation of her in Paradise.

Mr. Hussain told further that late Ms. Akbar was a daily comer of the  Secretariat of the Movement in London. Though, she was advised to less visit the Secretariat because of her declining health condition but was so devoted to the Movement that no advised worked on her and she never stopped her from coming to the Secretariat.

"When his colleagues went to her home for offering condolences on the sad demise of late Ms Akbar, they realised how far she had stayed and despite such a long distance, used to come to the Secretariat daily." "Everybody is the admirer of her devotion and commitment to him (Altaf Hussain)."
Mr. Hussain also greeted the sons of the late Adil Akbar and Saleem Akbar, daughters and other family members for taking time out of their busy schedule for bringing her to the Secretariat.

He told that late Ms. Akbar used to cook food for the colleagues. On Eid, she used to bring food for him and used to say, "Altaf Bhai (Brother Altaf), I have prepared the dishes with my own hands and I am sending it for you separately."

Mr. Hussain remembering her traditions told that today is the Eid day and he was telling his colleagues that it seemed as if late Ms Akbar might come to the Secretariat and after greetings, she would tell that she has cooked this dish for me today.

The MQM leader further told the bereaved family that he would greet them on that Eid day as it is a tradition.

Mr. Hussain told that each member of the Movement was extending their condolences to all the mourners and said they are part of their family because blood ties make ideological ties much stronger.
The Acting Convener of the Coordination Committee, Tariq Jawaid and other members also offered condolences to the family of late Ms. Akbar separately.

Mr. Hussain prayed that Almighty Allah  may elevate the ranks of late Ms Akbar, grant her the highest position in the Paradise and grant patience and strength to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

On this occasion, the family of late Ms. Akbar also offered their heartfelt condolences to Mr. Hussain and prayed for him.

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