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Preparations Under Way for Demonstrations in Washington D.C. (Dec 15th – 17th)

Preparations Under Way for Demonstrations in Washington D.C. (Dec 15th –  17th)
 Posted on: 12/14/2017

Preparations Under Way for Demonstrations in Washington D.C. (Dec 15th –  17th)



Dec 13th, 2017 -Central Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA | As previously announced, MQM USA will hold two massive demonstrations in Washington D.C. this coming weekend. First of which, will be held a Pakistan Embassy in the nation’s capital on Friday, Dec. 15th, 2017. Second demonstration will be held at the White House, the residence of President of United States, Donald Trump. Alongside these demonstration, various political (organizational) program will be held, including a public gathering.


The purpose of this demonstration will be to raise our voice and increase awareness in front of international community, particularly President of United States of America, along with other state officials and alert them against Injustice and State Oppression upon Muhajir’s and MQM in Karachi. In which there is an unconstitutional ban on MQM’s political activities, unconstitutional seizure and closure of MQM’s Headquarter Nine Zero. Along with ban on free speech via gag order against live speeches and pictures of MQM’s Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain, heinous perpetrated acts by Law Enforcement Agencies, primarily paramilitary forces, which has led to mass-human rights violations, Extra Judicial Killings, Illegals Raids and Arrests of MQM workers.


The peaceful demonstrations in both locations are expected to draw large numbers of MQM workers and supporters from across United States, particularly ladies, elders and children are expected to attend in large numbers. Along with the team on the ground, various chapters are working diligently and is continuing efforts to engage with the local community to ensure maximum participation in making these demonstrations a success.  


In preparation of these demonstrations, a protest committee (formed earlier) has further been formed into sub-committee to focus on strategic logistical issues including, Welcoming Committee, Transport Committee, Stage Committee, Food Committee and Electronic and Print Media Committee. Furthermore, the team have been meeting daily to discuss and finalize the arrangements. 


In concluding, MQM USA’s Central Organizing Committee appealed to the Muhajir’s residing in United States to ensure their participation in the demonstration outside White House to attest that Muhajir Nation is united under the leadership of Mr. Altaf Hussain, and will pursue their long struggle for peace and justice.

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