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 Posted on: 11/24/2017


What the feuds have today is just a fraction of wealth and prosperity the Mohajirs had left behind in India. Mohajirs created Pakistan and laid millions of lives to the creation of Pakistan but those who opposed Pakistan have now become owners of this country

I am fully determined not to enter or accept a life of a slave and I don’t want to break Pakistan but want to save it as free man, not slave”.

LONDON. November 24, 2017:
Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain said he has never been against Pakistan and wants to save her but won’t fall a victim to the oppressors and live a life as slave. He said he won’t forgo the struggle for the rights of Mohajir Nation and would embrace martyrdom fighting for the rights. He said he is a believer and the innate character of a believer is to never speak a lie under any situation.

He expressed these views while addressing to his worldwide followers through video medium that lasted half and two hours approximately. The video-linked address covered struggle of Mohajir Nation for creation of Pakistan, their collective contribution and sacrifices that the history has preserved.

In between the discussion, “Mohajir Namaa” ( A narrative of history of Mohajir Nation) a song by eminent poet of the Indian sub-continent Munawwar Rana was also played and the lyrics of that song carries a detailed mentioning of character, culture, civilization, political and social background, their history in a moving ballad. Scenes of the migration of Mohajirs from divided India to Pakistan in 1947 were embedded into Mohajir Naama.

He also discussed in detail the sufferings, victimisation and repression of other oppressed Balouch, Pakhtoon and Sindhi folks in Pakistan.

He said that the history of Pakistan being taught to and shared with students in schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan is untrue, concocted and twisted fraudulently. The true history has always been made “inaccessible” and the presenters of this fraud and distorted history have replaced the opposers to creation of Pakistan as freedom fighters and vice versa. Sacrifices of the real freedom fighters have never been highlighted in books of history of Pakistan. Heroes have been portrayed as villains and vice versa.

He said that the British Empire had drastically retrenched both financially and economically due to which the Empire started losing a writ on the colonies. British Empire had decided to relinquish occupation on India but had cleverly divided the sub-continent India into two countries with a meaningful aim to continue reigning remotely through traitors in Pakistan but loyal to British Empire. English rulers and policy makers raised their loyal clan in West Punjab and that same clan had at the behest of their English masters showered volleys of bullets on the most sacred and prestigious holly Kaa’ba in Mecca. In return, they received agricultural lands and since they are the fate deciders of people of Pakistan.

As a matter of fact, the Hindu and the Muslim of undivided sub-continent India continued to live with complete peace and harmony for centuries but as per plan, rifts were created between these two nations, said the MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain.

Sentiments of the Muslim were exploited by dumping pigs in front of mosques and cows at Hindu temples followed by provoking propaganda from agents of English masters that Hindus and Muslims did all that in hate for each other respectively, he informed.

A highly malicious propaganda was caused to spread among the Muslim minority of India that the Hindus won’t let the Muslim live with them while adhering to their religion and hence they should rise for their separate land. Our ancestors got trapped in that notorious scheme and they started a struggle for Pakistan, added the MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain.

Father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Hussain said that the younger generation is perhaps unaware of the sacrifices offered by our ancestors for Pakistan’s creation and the details are really horrifying. Mohajir towns and cities in India were set ablaze in reaction, children were slaughtered before eyes of our ancestors, pregnant Mohajir women were raped and cut into pieces and their embryos were pulled out and waved on spears and thousands had committed suicide to stay protected from rioters and rapists and thousands were kidnapped but they kept on chanting the deceiving slogans …”We will dissect the sub-continent India and create our own country, Pakistan.”

MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain continued to telling the youth that on creation of Pakistan, millions of Mohajirs migrated from India to their new homeland, Pakistan and during that migration, they continued to suffer as the rioters killed thousands, raped countless women and slaughtered children and infants. Mohajirs crossed the river of fire and blood. Our ancestors laid their lives for the creation of Pakistan but shamefully, there is a typical mindset in Pakistan under the feudal dynasty that calls Mohajirs as barefoot and hungry migrants.

As a matter of fact, Immigrants are people different from Mohajirs as the earlier shift to other areas for temporary relief but Mohajirs are people, who leave their old land and found their basis on new land they create on their own, he defined.

“What the feuds have today is just a fraction of wealth and prosperity the Mohajirs had left behind in India. Mohajirs created Pakistan and laid millions of lives to the creation of Pakistan but those who opposed Pakistan have now become owners of this country”, said Mr. Hussain.

All ethnic folks in Pakistan, Balouch, Sindhi and Pakhtoon have their provinces but Mohajirs don’t and on demanding for their separate Mohajir province, they are pushed against the wall and genocidal military operations are launched to eliminate them. Injustices and atrocities were inflicted on Mohajir Nation since day first of the creation of Pakistan and they are threatened to be sunk in Indian Ocean, deplored Mr. Hussain.

He said that what has been done to Mohajirs and what is still happening to Mohajirs is a candid clear message for Mohajir Nation that they have no room in present Pakistan.

He asked whether he should lay his demand before the United States of America, United Kingdom and European Union to reverse the division of the sub-continent India and since Balouchistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa were earlier integrated part of India so these should once again be backed to India so that the status of United India is reestablished.

He said Mohajirs lived in India with Hindu with complete peace, tranquility and harmony and they had complete freedom for following their religion and observing their rituals. Mohajirs had everything in India and that Mohajirs had left the shrines of Khawaja Moeen Ud Din Chisti in Ajmer Sharif, Khawaja Nizam Ud Din Aulia in Delhi, Jama Masjid of Delhi, Qutub Minar and graves of our forefathers. Our ancestors were misled and deceived of the notion that they could not survive while living with Hindus but the fact is that the population of Muslim in India is still greater than the population in Pakistan.

He asked if mosques especially Jama Masjid in Delhi, Imam Bargahs and shrines of saints been eliminated in India post Pakistan? Instead, shrine sin Pakistan, mosques and Imam Bargahs in Pakistan have been eliminated by radical Jihadist gangs with bombs and suicide bombings. Shrines in Pakistan like Data Darbar In Lahore, Baba Farid Shakar Ganj in Pak Pattan, Abdullah Shah Ghazi in Karachi, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan, Shah Noorani and Rehman Baba and many others were destroyed with bombs and suicide bombings.

Our ancestors created Pakistan and laid millions of lives for her. Mohajirs fought for Pakistan shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan Army in 1947 but after war was over (defeated), millions of Mohajirs (Bihari – Mohajirs who migrated to Pakistan from Indian province Bihar in India) were abandoned in despair and they are still in camps under management of Red Cross since past 46 years, he said and lamented that former Pakistan army chief General Ziaul Haque insulted them by calling them as beggars. No other party in Pakistan except MQM rsises the demand for their return to Pakistan from camps of Red Cross in Bangladesh. All Bihari Mohajirs are united under the colours of MQM and they deserve due salutations.

Mr. Hussain said that Balouch, Pakhtoon, Sindhi and Mohajir nations have been declared as traitor because they raising voices for their rights. Our ancestors were sincere and they created Pakistan but here in Pakistan, Mohajirs are oppressed and their rights are usurped and they have been threatened to be sunk in the Indian Ocean for demanding equal rights. Conspiracies are being hatched once after another so as to enslave Mohajirs in Pakistan.

Are you ready to live your lives as slaves, he questioned the youth, adding further that whether they would not strive for earning a respectful life with equal rights for them and for their next generations and if they are in chorus with him then they have to come forward and enter the struggle.

“As far as I am concerned, he continued to speak to the youth, I am fully determined not to enter or accept a life of a slave”, he said and added that, “I don’t want to break Pakistan but want to save it but as free man, not slave”.

He said he is a true believer and never speaks lies. He said that he won’t miss a moment and would keep struggling for rights of his Mohajir Nation until he would breathe his last.

He said he started his struggle for rights of Mohajirs at the age of just 25 and is still struggling for the same without any change in his stance.

He asked Mohajirs spread worldwide that they should come forward for the help of those who embraced martyrdom in struggle for rights of Mohajir nation, for those unlawfully detained and tortured, for those who have been executed in custody and extrajudicially by the armed security forces of Pakistan and those who have been enforced to disappear and all affected Mohajir families because they are suffering because they remained on the forefront of the struggle.

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