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MQM has never had links with RAW: Altaf Hussain

MQM has never had links with RAW: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/18/2016
MQM has never had links with RAW: Altaf Hussain

London: 17th May 2016.
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has once again offered unconditional support to the armed forces of Pakistan and security institutions and said that MQM is not the agent of any foreign country including India. 
“If MQM and Mohajirs are agents, they are agents of Pakistan only. MQM wants to work for a better future of Pakistan by forgetting past. MQM offers its unconditional support for making Pakistan strong and stable.”
Mr Hussain said, “MQM never had the policy of forming contacts with RAW and it will never pursue such aims.”
He said that MQM should not be looked upon as a party working against the country. “MQM is the only political party that supported Pakistan Army more than anyone other party. We respected army and all other national institutions in the past, we respect them today and we will stand shoulder to shoulder with our institutions in future.”
Mr Hussain said Mohajirs should not be pushed to the wall by putting a question mark on their patriotism. They should be given their legitimate rights and embraced as equal citizens of Pakistan.
Addressing the military leadership Mr Hussain held out his hands and said, “Let’s begin a new chapter of better relations.”
He expressed these views while addressing an emergency general workers’ convention of the MQM in Lal Qila Ground on telephone.
Members of the MQM Co-ordination Committee, elected representatives, office-bearers and workers attended the meeting in thousands. 
Addressing the gathering Mr Hussain said, “Political leaders in Pakistan are accused of treason. Pukhtun leader Bacha Khan, Khan Abdul Wali Khan, GM Syed and Baloch leaders were accused of being Indian agents. Benazir Bhutto was accused of giving national secrets of Pakistan and a list of Sikh separatists to Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.”
“Likewise the present Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had to face the charge of treason directly or indirectly when he tried to improve relations with India.”
“Even Khan Liaquat Ali Khan and Fatima Jinnah, sister of Founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah were also called traitors.”
Mr Hussain said All Pakistan Mohajir Students’ Organization APMSO and their representative political party have also been accused of being RAW’s agent ever since their formation.
Addressing the Establishment, COAS Gen Raheel Sharif, all Corps Commanders and officers of ISI, MI, FC and Rangers Mr Hussain said MQM is the party of the descendants of founders of Pakistan. It had never been agent of India, Israel or any other country of the world. 
Particularly addressing DG Rangers Sindh Maj Gen Bilal Akbar, he said, “It has never been the policy of the MQM to form links with RAW. MQM should not be considered as a party working against the interests of the country based on malicious reports.”
“I have never asked my followers to fight with the security forces. I have always extended unconditional support to the army in difficult times.”
“If any country attacked Pakistan, MQM workers will fight against the enemy on front foot along with the soldiers of Pakistan Army.”
Mr Hussain said despite my sincere offers Haqiqi was formed by supporting some characterless people and now a band of people has been formed who have traded their conscience. 
Mr Hussain asked as to what benefit could be reaped by spending millions on these groups against the MQM.
People of Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Nawabshah, Sanghar, Tando Allahyar, and other urban areas of Sindh have proven time and again that they are with the MQM and Altaf Hussain.
I say to the army chief, heads of ISI, Pakistan Air Force and Navy and all corps commanders to place their hands on their hearts and say if they want a truly representative political party like MQM having millions of supporters or they wanted to create fake groups of Urdu-speaking people. I will wait for the reply of the military leadership. 
People at the helm of affairs should join hands with a patriotic party like MQM having support of five crore Mohajirs, lacs of Sindhis, Balochis, Punjabis, Pakhtuns, Seraikis, Kashmiris, Muslims and non-Muslims instead of investing on fake people. 
Mr Hussain said, “Pakistan is passing through a highly critical phase. The US has stopped the sale of F-16 airplanes to Pakistan. Grant of 440 million dollars meant for Pakistan has been blocked. Articles are being published in international media against Pakistan describing Pakistan as an unreliable ally. It is being said that Pakistan is the centre of training of terrorist. Even China is complaining to rulers that terrorists operating in its province Sinkiang are trained in Pakistan. In these circumstances the need for internal stability and unity is of paramount importance.
Mr Hussain said that MQM was facing operation since 19th June 1992. During all these years 20,000 MQM workers have been martyred, thousands have been made disabled as a result of brutal torture and hundreds of workers are still missing after being arrested. Despite all these injustices MQM and Mohajirs are ready to play their role for the security and integrity of Pakistan. 
“Altaf Hussain is the only political leader of Pakistan who has the same 120 square yard home in Karachi which he had before the formation of APMSO. Altaf Hussain has no palace in Defence, Clifton, Karachi, Islamabad or any other area of Pakistan. Hundreds of my workers were elected as senators and members of provincial and national assemblies. Had I willed, I could have made houses of 5000 square yard throughout the country. After this I would have no worries if my name had also appeared in Panama Leaks. I would have spent forty years of my life in enjoyment and merry making. My entire family would have enjoyed but I did not act like this because my struggle is for the people and not for my family. My happiness and unhappiness is not for myself but for my people.”
“Those who have power should see everything in its proper perspective and background as failing do so would be gross injustice. Don’t just say that Altaf Hussain has used foul language. Also tell the people about the underlying causes of bitterness. If I have become bitter, then the grounds behind this bitterness must also be investigated.”
“When my beloved workers, whom I keep very close to my heart as my younger brothers and sons, were arrested and brutally tortured, when they were made to disappear or killed extra-judicially, will my anger and my grief on these incidents not be natural?”
“Is it not natural for me to grieve over the bloodied dead bodies having several wounds? Will I be happy when my innocent workers are killed extra-judicially, arrested and tortured on almost daily basis?”
“When Dr Farooq Sattar, Wasim Akhtar and other elected representatives are implicated in false cases and threatened, will my tone not become harsh? When state institutions will openly try to create divisions in the MQM and conspire to raise groups against it, will my protest as the leader of the MQM not be justified?”
“A worst and repressive operation is being conducted against us for the past three years. Over one thousand workers are either in jail or on a 90-day remand. Over one hundred and fifty workers are missing, sixty have been killed extra-judicially. After arresting my workers, their media trial is being done. Thousands are forced to leave their home. They are being expelled from their jobs. Our workers are continuously being subjected to terrorism in Landhi, Malir and Lines Area. No one is ready to stop this flagrant injustice. Will all these injustices not create bitterness in us?
It is said that Altaf Hussain talks against the army and the ISI. I want to explain this today that I can have differences with an individual but not with an institution as a whole. I do not have any differences with any institution. When I say something out of emotions on incidents of excesses and brutalities this certainly does not mean that we are talking against any institution as a whole.
Pakistan’s institutions are our own. We cannot even think of talking against our institutions. We respected all our institutions yesterday, we respect them today and we will continue to stand with them. 
Mr Hussain stated in no uncertain terms that MQM had never been against army or any other institution. “I appeal to the heads of the armed forces and other security institutions to change their policy about the MQM for the sake of Pakistan and its security. I am human being. I can make mistakes. If I could not restrain my emotions on the killing and torturing of my workers and cruelties during custody, I offer unconditional apology on my bitter remarks. For God sake don’t punish my entire nation for this.”
Mr Hussain said other political leaders had also criticized the army but no one was treated like MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain. Addresses of no other political leader of Pakistan were banned while my speeches, photos and writings have been banned altogether. Why only we are victimized?
“MQM is accused of having links with RAW. I want to make it clear once again that MQM was a patriotic political party and it will remain patriotic. All allegations about our links with India are a pack of fabricated lies. Targeting an entire political party or a segment of population on the basis of allegations of a few people, and questioning their loyalty to the country would be equal to ridiculing the eternal sacrifices of the founders of Pakistan. It is the same as striking out their sacrifices for their country.”
“I say to the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif and heads of all army agencies to look upon MQM and Mohajirs as their friends. Mohajirs have always stood with Pakistan. They were vanguard in the making of Pakistan and they were in the forefront in 1971.”
“Presently MQM was the only political party that supported the armed forces of Pakistan in the Zarb-i-Azb campaign against terrorism. Patriotism of Mohajirs should not be held in suspicion and they should not be pushed to the wall. Mohajirs should be embraced and given their legitimate rights. Their wounds should be healed and given justice.”
Mr Hussain said MQM became a part of the opposition on the issue of the Panama Leaks but it decided to come out when it appeared that opposition leaders were also being accused of the same thing as the prime minister and his family. 
“There should be a consensus decision on the issue of Panama Leaks. Army and the judiciary should also be included in the process. If anyone from the MQM is caught, he should also be punished. If it proved that Altaf Hussain has any offshore company, he should also be punished. No one should be shown any leniency. MQM is ready to cooperate with the army and the judiciary for the sake of the country.”
Mr Hussain said that a quota system in the ratio of 60/40 was enforced in Sindh. The Urdu-speaking accepted it with an open heart but this formula has never been implemented. People living in urban areas of Sindh have been deprived of their rights. Recently the PPP government in Sindh recruited ten thousand people in the police department but not even one per cent Urdu-speaking people were recruited. If we talk about injustices to Mohajirs it should not be termed as treason. 
Mr Hussain asked if the injustices being done to the Mohajirs in political, economic and education sectors are hidden from the armed forces and its agencies? “Today Mohajirs are neither inducted in police or in the army. One cannot see Mohajirs in Sindh secretariat. Will it not aggravate the sense of deprivation among Mohajirs?”
“Today the local government system has been paralyzed by taking away its powers. Karachi is becoming a dump of refuse. Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Nawab Shah, Sukkur, Sanghar, Tando Allahyar and other cities are in bad condition. Precious land in these cities are being sold at throwaway prices and billions of rupees are being pocketed. No one is ready to take notice of this sorry state of affairs. It is natural for me to be grieved on this situation.”
“When we raised our voice on these issues, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah said it was not his responsibility to ask KMC to resolve these issues. This is outright callousness and enmity to Karachi.”
Mr Hussain said, “Karachi has become Mohenjo-Daro. Roads are broken, sewage is overflowing on roads and refuse dumps have accumulated everywhere. Where was the development budget of Karachi spent? Where did the development budget of Hyderabad go? What happened to the Larkana budget?”
“Today there are no medicines in the hospitals of Sindh due to which poor children are dying. Today there is a water and electricity crisis in the country. Unemployment is on the rise and helpless people are committing suicide and forced to sell their children.”
“Hunger, poverty, unemployment is increasing in the country and the privileged class is befooling the people. A handful of families are getting richer and stronger while the country is becoming weak.”
Mr Hussain said MQM is the only political party in the country that cares for the poor people. It is the only party that is working against the feudal system. It is also the only party that respects all religious sects and is actively for sectarian harmony. It is the only party that considers Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Ahmadis as Pakistanis having equal rights. It firmly believes in giving complete freedom to these people to live their lives according to their religious beliefs.”
“MQM is the only party in Pakistan that introduced the leadership of poor and middle classes and sent qualified and able people to Senate, National Assembly, Provincial Assembly and Local Government institutions. These people could not have dreamt of getting elected on their own.”
Mr Hussain said the population of Pakistan has increased manifold and intellectuals across the world are saying that formation of new provinces was quintessential for better governance. Hence MQM demands that at least 20 new provinces should be created in Pakistan to end the prevailing sense of deprivation. New provinces should be created in Sindh including Karachi. 
Mr Hussain said MQM’s demand for new provinces was not unconstitutional but an utmost need of the time. 
“Our struggle is for the country and its people and God-willing this struggle will continue.”
He paid tributes to all workers, office-bearers, elected representatives, women and elderly people for their perseverance and determination in difficult times. 
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