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Rangers arrests MQM Co-ordination Committee member Kamal Mallick from his home

Rangers arrests MQM Co-ordination Committee member Kamal Mallick from his home
 Posted on: 10/8/2015
Rangers have arrested a member of MQM Co-ordination Committee Muhammad Kamal Mallick in a raid on his home. According to details, a heavy contingent of Rangers raided the house of Kamal Mallick on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday around 2:30 am. They scaled the walls of his home and arrested him. No reason for the arrest has been given.
Rangers’ personnel stayed at the home of Kamal Mallick till 4:00 am and thoroughly searched the house. They have also taken away with them academic documents and certificates.
MQM strongly condemns this brutality. Kamal Mallick is seriously ill and had undergone liver transplant two years back. His wife is in a state of shock and distressed about her husband because he cannot bear physical torture that the law enforcement personnel usually inflict.
MQM Founder and Leader Mr Altaf Hussain telephoned the wife of Kamal Mallick and inquired about the raid. He sympathized with her and said that every effort will be made to get Kamal Mallick released.
Mr Hussain condemned the arrest of Kamal Mallick and said that MQM workers and office-bearers were being arrested on a daily basis.
We would appeal the law enforced agencies not to subject Kamal Mallick to any stress because of his physical condition. We also demand his immediate release.
Mr. Kamal is father of two children, a 14 years old son and 11 year Old daughter.

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