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 Posted on: 10/9/2019



MQM founder and leader Altaf Hussain and Jeay Sindh Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat in principal agreed to launch a united struggle to rid the menace of dominance of Punjabi Military Establishment


LONDON. Oct 9, 2019: Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder and leader Mr Altaf Hussain and Jeay Sindh Muttahidda Mahaz’s (JSMM) Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat have exchanged views over issues that continue to hover around Sindh, Pakistan and special circumstances that pertain to international affairs.

While exchanging their views over aforementioned subjects, they had in principal agreed upon the fact that the oppressed nations in Pakistan have no other option except to get united against the Punjabi Military Establishment as the later along with leaders from Punjab, industrialists, traders, poets, intellects, anchorpersons, reporters, writers, analysts and defense analysts are all Punjab-oriented and they all hail from the province of Punjab. They agreed that these elements have collectively pushed the oppressed nations in Pakistan to a third and even fourth degree of citizenship and even they abhor considering them as humans and hence the unity among the oppressed nations in Pakistan is need of the hour or else these nations would continue to live under forced slavery and the Punjabi Military Establishment would continue to rule over them per the decayed formula of ‘Divide and Rule’, which was once applied in undivided India by the then British Rule.

They agreed that Sindh is the soil of Sindhis and Mohajirs as Sindhis had lived on the soil while Mohajirs lived here after the partition in 1947 after they migrated from different provinces of India. Both the nations have their interest limited to the soil of Sindh and hence their unity is of pivotal importance and need of the hour.

They agreed that Sindhis and Mohajirs while united as one could free Sindh from the dominance of Punjabi establishment through united struggle.

Both the leaders had also in principal agreed that since there issues that have lived for many years and those could not be resolved overnight and hence it was imperative that there should be a process to be initiated for continuous dialogue between the two nations.

Both the leaders also agreed that both the nations have equal rights and there should be no discrimination between these two nations regarding everything. This new mechanism would fail all conspiracies of dividing the house (Sindh province). It is therefore, necessary that the members of the two nations – Sindhis and Mohajirs – should come closer and treat each other like brethren.

The discussion between the two leaders remained pleasant till end of tye discussion and they had in principal agreed that the two nations – Mohajirs and Sindhis – could with their strong unity rid of the menace of dominance of the Punjabi establishment and then the people of Sindh would have plenty of resources and joys to live with together.

While concluding, the father of Mohajir Nation Mr Hussain recited a couplet of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai.

7/8/2020 8:47:36 AM