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MQM rejects all allegations levelled in the BBC report

MQM rejects all allegations levelled in the BBC report
 Posted on: 6/24/2015
MQM is a peace-loving political party that believes in Pakistan's unity and integrity
London: 24th June 2014. Muttahida Quami Movement has rejected all the allegations levelled against it in a report broadcast by the BBC. It said, “MQM is a peace-loving political party that believes in the unity and integrity of Pakistan.”
In a statement the Co-ordination Committee said that the allegations levelled against the MQM were not new. “MQM was accused of the Jinnahpur Conspiracy in the past and a host of other allegations to blemish its image. All these allegations proved to be false in the fullness of time.”
“It was alleged that NATO weapons were recovered from an MQM office but it was denied by the US State Department and the NATO. In the same manner, India has also rejected having any connection with the MQM but some anti-MQM elements are bent on carrying out media trial of the MQM by repeating the allegation again and again.”
The Co-ordination Committee said that the reporter had broadcast several reports against the MQM in the past. Opponents of MQM used these reports as a tool for scoring political gains and media trial of the MQM. The new report by the same reporter is a part of the media trial that is going against the MQM for many years.
The Co-ordination Committee said, “We categorically reject all the allegations levelled in this report. We believe that this report is aimed at tarnishing the image of the MQM in Pakistan and throughout the world.”
The Co-ordination Committee said, “It is pertinent to note that BBC is a British institution and the allegations made in the report apparently relate to an investigation that is undergoing in Britain. Interestingly all the allegations in the report are made on the strength of a Pakistani source that should be sufficient to explain the reality of these claims.
The Co-ordination Committee said it is also worthwhile to note that the reporter who has prepared the report is neither a BBC Correspondent nor an employee of the BBC. He is a freelance journalist who has published and broadcast several news reports against the MQM in the past. This freelance reporter has not reported on several important events having the national and international significance that have occurred in Pakistan in the past few years. He has only been reporting against the MQM on television and newspapers. 
The Co-ordination Committee said it is unfortunate that allegations of enmity to country and treason have been levelled against political opponents since the creation of Pakistan. Fatima Jinnah was also termed an Indian agent while NAP was banned after declaring it an enemy of the country and agent of foreign powers. 
The Co-ordination Committee said that Altaf Hussain’s message of is resonating in the hearts of poor Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis, Pakhtuns, Seraikis, Kashmiris, Hazarewals, Gilgit, and Baltistan people. At a time when people across the country are getting united under the flag of the MQM, it is conspiracy to disenchant people from MQM by broadcasting such misleading report against the MQM. 
The Co-ordination Committee said, “We believe that people of Pakistan will reject this false and baseless report in the same way as they have been doing in the past.”
The Co-ordination Committee urged on MQM office-bearers and workers not to get provoked by the misleading BBC report. It asked them to remain peaceful. It hoped that the media trial against the MQM would reach its logical end. 

6/18/2018 12:37:13 AM