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MQM Senators and Parliamentarians Press Conference: rejects Saulat Mirza's claim

 Posted on: 3/19/2015
In an emergency press conference held Thursday night, the Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) dismissed the allegations levelled by death-row inmate Saulat Mirza.
The party representative Senator Farogh Naseem said the decision to air Mirza's video statement has set a bad precedent and turned in illegal.
“We are setting a bad precedent of criminal jurisprudence in the country,” said Senator Naseem, while calling the eleventh hour confession by the infamous killer a mockery of law. “Mirza should have given these statements 25 years back.”
Flanked by Barrister Saif, Naseem said that even if the government does not like the MQM, it should do operate under the law.
The MQM leader said “this is a serious offense against the country’s legal procedure. All this doesn’t hold any legal value”. He went on to say that according to law, once a crime has been accepted before the court, it cannot be taken back.
Courtesy : DAWN

6/22/2018 2:36:15 AM