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Haparast elected representatives appeals to the Sindh government to take notice of the water crisis in Orangi Town, Qasba Aligarh, Baldia Town, Pak Colony and SITE Town

 Posted on: 2/12/2014
We try to solve the problems of the people in accordance with the guidelines given by Qaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain

MQM’s elected representatives from the District West Muhammad Hussain, Yusuf Shahwani, Saif Uddin Khalid, Kamran Akhtar and Abdullah have said that some forces are punishing the people of Karachi West for their love and support for the MQM and Mr. Hussain by stopping water supply. 
They said that it was the responsibility of the government to solve issues faced by people. They added this was happening because the government was not providing resources to organizations which were responsible for maintaining civic services and water supply. The present government has failed to solve the problems faced by people. People are facing problem because of government apathy. 
They strongly demanded that the government should take notice of the crisis in District West especially in Orangi Town, Qasba Aligarh, Baldia Town, Pak Colony, SITE Town and other areas. They demanded action against the elements responsible for this crisis. 
They expressed these views while addressing a hurriedly called press conference which was called to inform the government about the water crisis faced in these areas.
Mr. Muhammad Hussain said that people of the area had shown their trust on Altaf Hussain and MQM in May 2013 elections. He added that MQM got four national assembly seats and seven provincial assembly seats from the areas. 
He deplored that MQM’s rivals did not like the success of its candidates, who got large number of votes in the elections, in the areas. He added that MQM rivals started plan to punish the people of the area for their support to MQM and Mr. Hussain. He said they had been trying to increase the problems of the area by their repressive measures. 
“Water is supplied to the people of district west from the Hub Dam and Dhabaji pumping station. 100 MGD waster is supplied from Hub Dam and 40 MDG is supplied from Dhabaji. 20 MGD waster is supplied through NE Line and 15 MGD waster is supplies through K-III line. 155 MGD waster had been supplies to District West.  This amount of water was insufficient for the area.  They had been supplying water to the on schedule, “ Muhammad Hussain said.
“The water crisis in the District West is deplorable and a cause of concern. The president government has decreased the amount of water supply from 155 MDG to 50 MGD gradually. We think it is injustice. The government’s action is high condemnable, “ Muhammad Hussain said.
Haq Parast elected members said that apprised the water board’s top officials about the problems faced by the people of District West and visited with them the affected areas. However, it did not bring any result. Waster crisis still persists in the area. The severity of the water crisis is increasing day by day. They added that people were protesting in the areas about the water crisis in desperation. They said tanker mafia was active in the area in collaboration with the water board officials and making millions of rupees. They pointed out that water crisis had also developed because of transfer of non-technical people in the department, which had badly affected the water supply system in Karachi. 
They pointed out that repressive actions taken by the government in Orangi, Baldia and Pak Colony. They said that raids were conducted in the area and law enforcement agencies abusing elders and women and take away valuable and other items during raid. They added killing of innocent people had become a daily routine. They added that law enforcement personnel should have been taking action against criminals, killers and extortionists instead of innocent. They said innocent people were being implicated in false case to extract money from them. They added that their actions had enraged the people of the areas. 
Haq Parast elected representative said that we try to solve the problems of the people in accordance with the guidelines given by Qaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain.

5/27/2018 8:07:11 PM