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We want administrative units on the basis of equality: Haider Abbas Rizvi

We want administrative units on the basis of equality: Haider Abbas Rizvi
 Posted on: 9/19/2014
Formation of new administrative units is equally needed for Sindh as felt by people for other provinces
Muttahida Qaumi Movement Rabita Committee member Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi has strongly condemned the statements of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh President Nadir Akmal Leghari and Dr Arif Alvi. 
“The land of Sind is our mother. We are her sons. We are equally Sindhis as other Sindhis, Baluchis and Pakhtuns. MQM has never talked about division of Sindh. It will never do so. However, formation of new administrative units is equally needed for Sindh as felt by people for other provinces. We don’t want to become ruler. We don’t want to live like slaves either. We want administrative units on the basis of equality. We don’t feel any embarrassment to make this demand. We are not enemy of Sindh either. We want to see Sindh strong and prosperous, “Haider Abbas Rizvi said.
Haider Abbas Rizvi said that Nadir Akmal Leghari and Dr Arif Alvi had directly hurt the interests of Sindh. He added that state of Pakistan was incomplete without the three tier system of government – the federal government, the provincial government and the local government. 
“Our demand for the formation of new administrative units is called ethnic provocation. When a person says I am Sindhi and will resist division, it is not considered an ethnic provocation. From Kashmore to Karachi people have denounced the racially prejudiced statements of Nadir Akmal Leghari and Arif Alvi.” 
“You all know that Mr Hussain and MQM have proposed a demand for the formation new units in Pakistan.  Ever since the demand for new provinces was articulated, political parties, social, cultural organizations have started issuing statements in its favour and opposition. We are holding this press conference to explain in detail the reason and purpose for making this demand so people who are opposing the proposed demand can understand what is meant by administrative units? ,” Haider Abbas Rizvi.
“Quaid-e-Tehreek has demanded the formation of new administrative units in all parts of Pakistan, including Baluchistan, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh. MQM believes that we need two administrative units to improve the governance model of this country of 20 crore people. We see that developed countries not only improved their administrative units but also created more units with the rise of their population. India had 8 provinces when it got independence. Not India has 36 administrative units. Afghanistan has 34. Our brotherly country Turkey has 81 units. Bhutan which has a population of 7 lakh has 7 provinces, “Haider Abbas Rizvi.
He said that Mr Hussain has talked about the creation of 20 new administrative units a time when protestors in Islamabad were demanding a ‘System of Government’ based on justice. “We have visited many country across the globe. When a population of an area exceeds 50 lakh a new administrative unit is formed to improve administration, “added Mr Haider Abbas Rizvi.
“The ruling elite has always tried to suppress the issue of formation of new administrative units when anyone raised voice on the issue. There is not a single part in Pakistan which talks about new administrative issue. Pakistan Muslims League (N), Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan Awami Tehreek explicitly talks about new administrative units in their manifestos. It is surprising that when MQM talked about new administrative units then PTI Sindh’s President Nadir Akmal Leghari and Arif Alvi held a press conference. They talked about new administrative units in Punjab, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and said if they come to power they would do so. Leghari said he would resist Sindh because he was Sindhi, added Haider Abbas said.
“PTI talks about making a new Pakistan, new provinces, and local bodies’ election. It appears that Sindh is not in their manifesto. They have not included Sindh in their manifesto saying it is a sensitive province,” Mr. Haider Abbas Rizvi 
Addressing Nadir Akmal Leghari and Dr Alvi Haider Abbas Rizvi said, “For God’s sake! Have mercy on the people of Sindh and don’t spread hatred. We do not talk about division of Sindh. We will never do so. Yes, we talk about the formation of new administrative. Mr Hussain has not made an unusual demand.”
Citing historical examples in his press conference Mr Rizvi said, “When the Mughals invaded India and established their rule, they formed new administrative units according to their needs. When the British attacked and conquered Sindh, it had three administrative units – Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Khairpur were independent states. Sindh had three administrative units when Pakistan came into being. In 1955 we had 12 states which included Bangladesh too. Two administrative units were formed. We saw three provinces – East Pakistan, West Pakistan and Karachi. Later Karachi was made a part of West Pakistan. It did not divide Sindh. Administrative changes occurred. When Gen Yahya dissolved the one unit, he restored the existing Pakistan. We got Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab and the North West Frontier Province in 1970. Since the creation of Pakistan administrative changes were made in Sindh four times – new ones were formed and old ones dissolved. We have not made an unusual demand. We have not made demand on the basis of ethnicity. We have made this demand to improve administration of the country. Enemies of Sindh want to pitch Sindhis, Mohajirs, Balochis and Punjabis against one another. Nadir Akmal Leghari and Arif Alvi have hurt the interests of Sindh by saying that they would not allow formation of new administrative units. Does Sindh not need development and prosperity? Will Sindh’s peasants always be slave to their feudal lords? They have stabbed on the back of Sindh. We are talking new provinces not new local bodies system. Don’t mix them. We are the sons of Sindh we cannot talk about division of Sindh.”

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