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Zahid Khan should rid off biased optical: Gulfraz Khattak

Zahid Khan should rid off biased optical: Gulfraz Khattak
 Posted on: 9/16/2014
The member of MQM Coordination Committee Gulfraz Khan Khattak Advocate said that the people, who said the demands of creation new provinces was a stunt, were the enemies of people’s fundamental rights.
Commenting on the statement of Awami National Party (ANP) leader Zahid Khan, the Advocate said that ANP claimed to be the representative of Pashtoon-speaking community but did not want to give the fundamental rights to Hazara-speaking community. He said that Hazara people were killed and wounded by bullets during the then ANP provincial government for raising the voice for their right to have Hazara Province.
Mr. Khattak advised the ANP leader that he should get rid his lenses of biasness and loathes off against other ethnic communities, especially Urdu and Hazara-speaking communities. He said that mere rhetoric could not change the face of reality and Mr. Khan could not deny the difference between Pashtoon and Hazara-speaking communities.
He said that if ANP leader could not raise his voice for the rights of Hazara people then had no right to speak rhetorical stunts. He said that despite using its energy for opposing others ANP should have concentrated on the conditions of Pashtoons and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa.

6/22/2018 12:10:56 PM