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Creation of new provinces in Pakistan is the pressing need of time: Altaf Hussain

Creation of new provinces in Pakistan is the pressing need of time: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 9/16/2014
Creation of new provinces will strengthen the federation and not weaken it
The So-called Sindhi nationalists have always spurned the sincere efforts of MQM to promote brotherhood between urban and rural population
Whenever there is a discussion for new provinces in Pakistan, the Sindhi nationalists threaten to make River Sindh red with blood
The so-called Sindhi nationalists have no objection on the creation of new provinces in other parts of Pakistan

The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr Altaf Hussain has said that the creation of new provinces in Pakistan is the pressing need of the time. Creation of new provinces will not weaken the federation but strengthen it. All political parties, whether big or small, have been demanding creation of new provinces in the Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan. The Peoples Party has even submitted a bill for creating new provinces in the National Assembly. He expressed these views while talking senior journalist and Editor Ajmal Dehlvi on telephone.

Mr Hussain told Mr Dehlvi that he has been making practical efforts for promoting brotherhood between the urban and rural population of Sindh.

“I have always advocated brotherhood between Sindhis and Mohajirs. I not only tried to learn the Sindhi language myself but also encouraged Urdu-speaking people to learn Sindhi language.”

“I did everything possible to prove my Sindhi credentials on the demands of Sindhi intellectuals. I gave election tickets for provincial assembly and the National Assembly seats to Sindhi-speaking candidates from my home Azizabad and made them ministers.”

“I have practically demonstrated that we do not hate people belonging to any nationality. But all our efforts for promoting goodwill were spurned by the so-called Sindhi nationalists”

“The so-called nationalists never considered Mohajirs as the sons of the Sindh and did not give them the status of equal citizens despite our sincere efforts for promoting brotherhood.”

Mr Hussain asked, “If Mohajirs are really the sons of the land of Sindh, why did no Sindhi political party every give election ticket to any Urdu-speaking Sindhi from Ratu Dero, Naudero or Larkana?”

“Leaders of so-called federalist and nationalist parties make tall claims that people living in Sindh were Sindhis and brothers of each other. But whenever time for the formation of a coalition government comes, no Urdu-speaking Sindhi is accepted for the office of the Chief Minister of Sindh.”

“If the nationalist elements consider Mohajirs as the son of the Sindh land and they are large-hearted as they claim, why do they always bitterly oppose a Mohajir from becoming the Chief Minister?”

Mr Hussain said, “Whenever there opens a discussion in the country about the formation of new provinces in the country on administrative grounds, the so-called Sindhi nationalists always threaten to make River Sindh red with blood? Strangely they have no issue on the creation of new provinces in other parts of the country.”

Mr Hussain said, “The demand for bringing back two hundred and fifty thousand stranded Pakistanis was not acceptable to the Sindhi nationalist but they do not utter a word on the settlement of five million Afghanis in Sindh.”

Mr Hussain said it is the need of the hour to make at least twenty provinces in Pakistan for efficient administration and empowering people at grassroots level.


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