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I am the only person who has always extended support to Pak Army in their fight against terrorism: Altaf Hussain

I am the only person who has always extended support to Pak Army in their fight against terrorism: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 9/14/2014
Despite all these gestures my loyalty to my country is being held in question
The Founder and Leader of MQM Mr Altaf Hussain has said that he is the only person who has always extended his support to Pak Army in their fight against terrorism and has expressed good feelings for them. He deplored that despite all these gestures his loyalty is being held in question. 
Mr Hussain said that our forefathers made Pakistan and laid down hundreds of thousands of lives to make Pakistan a reality. “If we are not loyal then no one is loyal in Pakistan.”
“The case against former President General Pervez is based on hatred and bias. If they want to prosecute Gen Pervez Musharraf then they must also prosecute the generals who toppled Nawaz Sharif’s government on October 12, 1999.”
Mr Hussain expressed these views while addressing a large gathering of workers at Nine Zero through telephone, who had gathered there on Sunday Morning. 
These workers had gathered at the Nine Zero to express their concern after getting the news that Mr Hussain has given up the leadership of the movement. On this occasion the workers displayed their zeal and fervour and raised slogans in favour of Mr Hussain and expressed their devotion to him. 
“The world knows the strong bond between me and my workers. This kind of strong relationship and bond cannot be found anywhere else. I have made MNAs, MPAs, councillors, UC Nazims, Town Nazims, Naib Nizams, mayor and on the recommendations of my workers. I am only the person in Pakistan who is the leader of the millions of people.” 
“Everyone knows about the sacrifices made by my family for the movement. It is not true that my family members live a life of luxury while family members of workers experience ordeal and difficulties. Everyone knows that some of my family members who had nothing to with politics had to go underground and face persecution during state operation. On December 5, 1995, Rangers, police and other law enforcement agencies arrested my elder brother and nephew and subjected them to inhuman torture in their custody for three days. Later they took them to the Gadap area on December 9, 1995 and brutally martyred them. My family was rendered homeless. They were living a decent life and educating their children. They lost everything.” 
“MQM is the only party in Pakistan which follows democratic and liberal principles. I never contested election. I did not give tickets to my brother and sister. I did not allow MQM to become a dynastic party. Those who reached the assemblies were not given tickets on my recommendation or liking but on the recommendations of my workers.” 
Mr. Hussain said he has always preached Sindhis and Mohajirs to live in brotherhood. “I practice what I preach. I gave provincial and national assembly tickets to Sindhis from my home Azizabad and proved that we did not hate any ethnic groups. I lament other ethnic groups never realize this,” added Mr Hussain.
“Can PPP give a ticket to Urdu Speaking candidate to contest election from Larkana? Does PPP have the courage to do so?” Mr Hussain put this question. 
Mr Hussain said that the establishment, ISI, MI and army said that we were all brothers, Muslims and Pakistan and should live with mutual love and cooperation. 
“During the formation of coalition government in Sindh MQM had won majority of seats. Chief Minister should have been from MQM. However, ISI, MI and army said to me to sacrifice for the sake of brotherhood. They say we acknowledge that chief minister should be from your party but the Sindhis will become angry. Make a Sindhi a chief minister,” Mr. Hussain said.
“Why cannot an Urdu-speaking become the chief minister of Sindh? Are Mohajirs not sons of Sindh? What I am saying is a matter of principle not a bias.” 
Mr Hussain said if Sindhis were large-hearted then they should make an Urdu-speaking the chief minister of Sindh even they are in majority like he fielded a Sindhi-speaking from his home. He added that if they could not do so then this pretence of love was not acceptable.  He said we should live in separate houses peacefully like sons of one father who live in separate houses.
“When we talk about dividing Sindh then the so-called nationalists starts giving statements that this cannot be done. If Sindh is divided then there would be bloodshed. If you eliminate discrimination in Sindh then you will not listen such things. Now the time has come to adopt an agreement that Sindhi and Mohajir will become chief minister turn by turn. If it is not acceptable to you then divide Sindh administratively.”
“Those Sindhi nationalists who threaten us of bloodshed, I want to make it clear to them that they have only heard about bloodshed while we have come to Pakistan by crossing pools of blood. You recite the verses of Shah Abdul Lateef but we act on them. The so-called human rights organizations and civil societies, popular anchors, writers, columnists and those who write lengthy columns on issues never write on the atrocities faced by Mohajirs.”
Mr Hussain said that the tragedy of Qasba Colony occurred on December 14, 1986 when Mohajir localities were attacked and hundreds of people were murdered, houses were set on fire, people were burnt alive, women were raped and cut into pieces. He deplored that the champions of human rights did not bother to raise their voice on this massacre.
“On December 30, 1988 a tragic incident occurred in Hyderabad. On this day some vehicles entered Hyderabad and terrorists on those vehicles fired indiscriminately on Mohajir pedestrians. They kept on firing for about half an hour. Hundreds of innocent people died on the road, but the so-called champions of human rights in Pakistan never talk about this massacre. They never talk about the massacre which occurred in Pakka Qila. Police lay a siege of Pakka Qila and attacked when our mothers and sisters come out of Qila carrying Quran on their heads and appeals them to stop firing. They did not show mercy. Bullets pieced through the Quran and hit their bodies. Their graves are still present on the premises of Pakka Qila. No one raised voice on this brutality. We restrained ourselves despite tyranny. It is said we are not patriotic people.”
Mr Hussain said that anchor-persons, judges, eminent lawyers and members of bar council talk enthusiastically and endlessly about the 12th May tragedy and claim that lawyers were burnt alive. “I have said this on a number of times to the people from lower courts to Supreme Court bar to tell me the names, father names and registration numbers of those lawyers. MQM will prosecute people who are responsible for the May 12 tragic incident if it come to power.”
“They are prosecuting General Musharraf for breaking the constitution – a case of treason. General Zia also imposed martial law but no said that he was disloyal to the country. No one ever talked about prosecuting him for treason. No one talks about prosecuting General Ayub and General Yahya. The country was dismembered during the martial law of Gen Yahya.”
“Lawyers who talk zealously about punishing Gen Musharraf for abrogating the constitution.  Had they been people of honour and dignity, they would have they would have demanded to put Gen Mahmood, Gen Aziz, Gen Usman and all others who were present on the ground and toppled Nawaz Sharif’s government on October 12, 1999 and arrested him. Gen Musharraf was in the air at that when all this was happening. He did not impose martial law. It was Gen Aziz, Gen Mahmood and his friends who imposed martial law. All these people should be arrested and tried under article 6 of the constitution. The so-called eminent lawyers and champions of civil societies are obsessed with the case of Gen Musharraf.  If they are protectors of law and fair then should call for hanging Gen Musharraf and all other generals who helped him to topple the government of Nawaz Sharif. 
“The judges who approved of Gen Musharraf’s actions should also be hanged. The judges who took oath under PCO, including the former chief justice, should also be tried. The generals who were present when the emergency was imposed should be hanged too. Gen Kiyani should be put on trial too. Lawyers who dance and talk against Gen Musharraf should also be put on trial. There are few conscientious constitutional experts in the country. These lawyers do not say that it is an unconstitutional trial. It is unfortunate that judges are silent too. They are not willing to speak the truth,” Mr. Hussain said.
Mr Hussain said that he and his party supported the Karachi Operation so that peace could be restored in Karachi. “Only those persons should be arrested who have cases registered against them. They should be brought to justice in accordance with the law. We will not tolerate extra-judicial killings of arrested people any more. Scores of MQM workers have been killed extra-judicially after being arrested. Their families have not got justice yet. We will register cases against DG Rangers, IG Sindh and Chief Minister of Sindh if any MQM is killed extra judicially-after today,” Mr Hussain said.
“MQM is the only party that follows democratic principles and where workers can express their views freely. I have given them courage. This is real democracy. In other parties if a worker utters a word against his leader his family is vanished,” Mr. Hussain said.
Addressing the worker Mr Hussain said, “You will have to see who has infiltrated among us and trying to create a Shia-Sunni division. Keep an eye on such elements. If these elements are found they should be kicked out of the movement and handed over to the law enforcement agencies.”
Addressing the government and military leadership he said, “Pakistan is facing a number of problems. We should solve these problem. Law should be applied equally to all.”
Commenting on the statement of the head of a party who openly incited his workers to attack and torture police personnel He said, “If I had told my workers to attack someone then they would have registered cases against me under. They would be hurled abuses at me. They would have sent my statement to everyone in the world that Altaf Hussain teaches violence. Now everyone is silent when a leader of the party urged his workers to do violence.”
Mr Hussain said he respected the freedom of press. He appealed to the government and military leadership allows allow channels to work freely. He said that GEO should be allowed to resume its broadcast. “Every channels should be allowed to work freely, including GEO. MQM should also be allowed to work freely,” Mr Hussain said.
Mr Hussain asked the GEO owners and administration that they should respect the establishment and political parties and not to use their organization to hurt anyone’s feelings.

7/16/2018 7:41:50 AM