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MQM shows solidarity with Palestinians, The News International by Murtaza Ali Shah

MQM shows solidarity with Palestinians, The News International by Murtaza Ali Shah
 Posted on: 11/24/2012
By Murtaza Ali Shah LONDON: 
The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) held a protest outside the Houses of Parliaments on Friday to express solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza.
The demonstrators were carrying placard which read "Save the Children of Gaza", "Peace, Not War", "We express solidarity with the people of Gaza" and "We strongly condemn atrocities against the people of Gaza". 
The solidarity demonstration was held after the MQM leader Altaf Hussain called on his party to observe a day of solidarity with the Palestinians and help the occupied people highlight their case and the in human conditions under which they are forced to live. Hussain has questioned the United Nations Security Council, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Pakistani government over their "blatant silence" on the suffering of Palestinians and have called on the world power, to end their Insensitivity" and "cold-heartedness' over the issue which relates to peace in the world. 
In the UK, this was the first demonstration by any Pakistani organisation since the latest breakout of violence which has claimed the lives of more than 100 Palestinians and 5 Israelis. This makes Hussain the only leader of any main stream Pakistani political party that has brought its workers on the streets in aid of Palestinians. Coordination Committee Members of the party Saleem Shahzad and Muhammad Ashfaq and Organizers of MQM UK Saleem Danish and Muhammad Faiz, and many others took part in the protest. Saleem Shehzad told The News that UN Secretary, General Ben Ki Mon, US President Barak Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and rich Arabs Leaders should use their influence to the solve outstanding issue Palestine and Kashmir.
“Innocents people are dying on the both sides. Palestinians have suffered enough murder occupation but it saddens everyone that the world become silent over their sufferings and the brutalities they suffer on a daily basis War in never a solution to any dispute. Altaf Hussain has taken a brave stands in calling of the Pakistani’s to show their support for the suffering Palestinians”. 
Saleem Shahzad said the Muslim world had failed in coming together and had let down the people in Palestine and Kashmir and else where, and the disunity has emboldened their enemies.
The protestors on the occasion praised the MQM chief for the publically standing by the Palestinians and asking Muslim to show honour and dignity by standing by the truth.
“Muhammad Ashfaq said Pakistan religious and political leaders including many in the UK had failed to condemn the Israeli aggression in the manner Altaf Hussain done”. He said efforts should be made to establish peace in conflicts zone in the Muslim world.
The demonstration was originally planed outside the British Prime Minister residence 10 Downing Street, but it was shifted outside in the Parliament House at the last minute after a mystery man brought Whitehall to standstill, climbing a top the life-size memorial to Prince George and remained perched their naked for three hours. All the roads leading to Whitehall were closed while specialist officers convinced the man to come down who did not seem to be bothered by the cold weather.

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