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Where is the UN while innocent people are being killed in air raids in Gaza by Israel? : Altaf Hussain

Where is the UN while innocent people are being killed in air raids in Gaza by Israel? : Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 11/18/2012
Inaction of the OIC on the killing of Palestinian people is deplorable
Text of Resolutio by MQM |  Live Speech |  News Report
The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that Gaza and other Palestinian cities were being heavily bombarded by Israel resulting in the death of innocent people, including women, children and elderly. He asked where the United Nations, and the Security Council were. He said that the role of the OIC on the killing of Palestinian people on the Israeli aggression was deplorable as it was only making ostentatious efforts to get the slaughter of the Palestinian people stopped.
Addressing a Conference “Israeli aggression in Palestine and the responsibilities of the world nations” held by the MQM in Islamabad, Mr Hussain said that the Government of Pakistan should make a forceful protest on the Israeli aggression and it should remonstrate with the United Nations and the Security Council to stop the unending injustices committed against the people of Palestine by Isreal failing which the membership of the United Nations should be renounced.
Mr Hussain said that the silence of the religious and political parties on the issue was unfortunate. “Innocent Palestinian people are facing the Israeli belligerence and relentless persecution, and I cannot remain silent because Israel is very powerful. I fear Allah alone, and I will continue to condemn oppression and tyranny.”
Condemning the Israeli air raids and missile attacks, Mr Hussain said that he had never the feeling of ill-will or animosity towards the followers of any religion. “During my long struggle spanning over a period of 35 years, I have always considered people as human beings in the first place without caring about their religious beliefs. Non-Muslims, who do not believe in Allah, the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet (PBUH), are also the creatures of Allah, and I love them in the same manner as I love my fellow Muslim brethren.”
“In the same manner I do not hate the Jewish people but when they pursue the path of Zionism in the garb of Jewish religion and make it an article of faith to oppress and persecute unarmed Palestinian Muslims, I have to condemn them.”
“Like the followers of other religions, I say to the Muslims following various schools of thought not to harm each other. You may not agree with their beliefs, but you should respect them as human beings.”
“It becomes your duty to support the oppressed once you have reached the conclusion as to who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed. I did not hesitate in condemning the injustice when I saw innocent people, including women and children being killed in the air raids, and I saw wounded people drenched in blood in hospitals.”
“Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) know that Altaf Hussain was arrested three times, but I was acquitted honourably each time. I did not get my freedom by tendering any apology. I was asked by my colleagues and party workers to go to Britain keeping in view my safety and security. I have been living here in exile for the past 22 years. Everything I say is noted down, and I can suffer for condemning the Israeli oppression, but I could not hold my feelings when I saw the beheaded bodies of innocent Palestinian children. Even if I have to sacrifice my life, but the world should not say that Altaf Hussain became a coward in Britain.”
“I would willingly embrace death if I am killed for speaking up against the Israeli aggression. My parents had taught me always to speak the truth. They had asked me to support the truth without caring about the number of people.”
“Shia and Sunni people are being targeted in Pakistan and killed. They are not my relatives yet I condemn it. When I raise my voice against the killings of the Shia people, I was dubbed as an agent of Iran. It was said that Altaf Hussain received money from the Iranian embassy. I do not care about any allegation because I firmly believe that I will be held accountable before Allah for everything I do after I die and not before any worldly agency.”
Mr Hussain condemned the inaction on the part of the OIC and said that while innocent people were being killed, OIC was doing nothing to stop it. When the OIC is informed about the killings of innocent Muslims they merely say, “Oh, I see." He said that the meeting of the OIC foreign ministers was nothing but a waste of time.
Mr Hussain said that if the Muslim countries had the fire of true belief, and if they had displayed courage, even a thousand countries like Israel could not have dared to attack on Gaza.
Mr Hussain appealed to the UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon, the US President Mr Barack Obama, British Prime Minister Mr David Cameron, and the countries having veto-power in the UN to stop the cruelties being committed by Israel immediately.
Expressing sorrow on the silence on the religious and political parties in Pakistan on the Israeli aggression in Gaza, Mr Hussain said it was their prime responsibility to speak against oppression and injustice.
Mr Hussain said that we should read Holy Quran with understanding. He prayed Allah to give him strength for moving steadily on the path of truth. He prayed Allah to send unseen help for the helpless people of Palestine and pull the rope of Israel.

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