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A conspiracy is a foot to spark sectarian violence in Karachi: Altaf Hussain

A conspiracy is a foot to spark sectarian violence in Karachi: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 11/14/2012
Government and security forces must stop the killings of innocent people in Karachi otherwise the country could suffer irreparable loss
The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement has said a conspiracy is afoot to spark sectarian violence in Karachi, and the sectarian killings in the city are a part of the same conspiracy. He urged upon the government and the security forces to the killings of innocent people in Karachi because if it continued ceaselessly it would cause irreparable damage to the country. He said this while addressing a large gathering of religious scholars belonging to different schools of thought in Jinnah Ground, Azizabad in order to promote sectarian harmony during the month of Muharram.
Speaking on the occasion Mr Hussain said that he had always preached party workers not to ill-treat anyone. “Every human being has to taste death one day, and I yearn to die a death of honour and no one could say that Altaf Hussain acted cowardly in his last days.”
“I have always spoken the truth during my long struggle. I was falsely accused of many things because of my truthfulness that continue even today.”
Referring to the Asghar Khan case he said, “The judgment of the court says that money was distributed among some people after formation of a certain political party. Those who brought money to my home have themselves accepted that Altaf Hussain refused to accept money despite their insistence. Some anchor persons and influential people are still not ready to believe the truth, and they are trying their best to prove that Altaf Hussain’s name is also included in the list.”
“They may bring a horde of witnesses, but Allah knows that Altaf Hussain has never sold his conscience to any agency and accepted money.”
“When I say not to kill innocent Shia people I am accused of taking money from the Iranian embassy and when I denounce the bombing of the shrines of holy saints, I am accused of worshipping graves and stones. If I show respect to the grave of a saint, it is a matter of my personal belief. If offering fateha and visiting shrines of saints are innovations in the understanding of some, I am ready to suffer any retribution for it. I believe that Allah is the Best Judge”
“Allah is the creator of every living being in the world. Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and even those who do not believe in God are born in the same manner. He has not kept in any difference in their birth. There is no difference in the shapes of eyes, ears, hearts and other organs because of difference in religion. The same common physiology clearly indicates that there in only one Creator. Hence everyone should follow their own religions and beliefs and let others follow their own religions and beliefs.”
“If some people are of the opinion that their beliefs are better than they should improve their moral character and deeds in order to attract other people. Preaching would cause effect only if there is no difference in the words and deeds.”
“Islam enjoins upon us always to speak the truth and refrain from falsehood. Stealing has been strictly forbidden, and it has been said that the giver and the taker of bribes shall both go to hell. But the recent judgment of the Supreme Court in Asghar Khan Case has condemned the givers while takers have been asked to return the bribe with interest. This decision is a clear aberration of the edicts of the Sharia. How can the prayers for mercy of Allah be answered if such decisions would be made in the country?”
“The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) did not spread Islam with the help of the sword. It was his sublime character that attracted people towards Islam. After the conquest of Makkah, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) asked his companions not to damage the places of worship of other religions. We are distorting the image of the Prophet who was sent as a mercy for both the worlds by our actions.”
“Allah Almighty says that the murder of a human being is the murder of the entire humanity. People from every corner of the world gather in the Kaaba on the occasion of the Hajj which gives us the message that we are one Ummah despite the differences of race, colour, culture, and language. If we are one people, then why we are striking each other’s neck because of differences in Fiqah and sect?”
“My heart bleeds whenever someone is killed because of sectarian differences. What has come over us? Why are we killing each other when we believe in One Allah, one Prophet and the one Quran? Why are we devastating each other’s houses because of petty differences?”
“The Quran says that there is no compulsion in the religion. I cannot instigate people to fight as long as I am alive. I have always preached people to hold fast to their beliefs and not interfere in the beliefs of others.”
“Sectarian harmony is the need of the hour. The Quran also speaks about holding fast the rope of Allah and be not divided.”
Mr Hussain appealed to the religious scholars to preach love and brotherhood. He said that a conspiracy was being hatched to ignite sectarian strife in Karachi. People should frustrate this conspiracy by remaining united and showing respect to each other.

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