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Altaf Hussain reiterates his appeal for putting off sit-ins

Altaf Hussain reiterates his appeal for putting off sit-ins
 Posted on: 9/6/2014 1

The sit-ins can be started from the same point after the situation caused by rains and flooding ended
Addressing all the politicians of Pakistan, political and religious parties, columnists, anchor persons, political analysts, and all those making tall claims about political issues on television channels in a serious and grim statement if they would pay heed only after Pakistan ceased to exist. He said that the armed forces of Pakistan were fighting a difficult war in North Waziristan and on the other hand the additional burden of looking after hundreds of thousands of IDPs, providing them medical assistance and food supplies has also fallen on their shoulders. The entire country has now been hit by heavy rains and devastating floods. Besides the loss of property, a large number of people, mostly children, have also died.
Mr Hussain said that in this situation two political parties and their allied parties were holding sit-ins at various places in the country for the past several days and they were not ready to call off their sit-ins unless their demands were accepted. He said that the country was lost on the unknown path of economic degradation. 
Mr Hussain said he had appealed to the parties holding sit-ins to put off their sit-ins temporarily in view of the situation caused by heavy rains and consequent flooding. The sit-ins and protests could be started and issues could be picked up from the same point after the rain ended and flooding subsided. He regretted that no one paid any attention to his passionate appeal.
Mr Hussain warned we would not need any enemy for destroying Pakistan if the callousness, narrow-minded attitude and self-centred approach towards problems continued in the same manner. He reiterated his appeal to the political parties that were holding sit-ins to put off their sit-ins immediately in the name of Allah, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the national security of Pakistan for the time being. He urged on them to direct their party workers to help the people affected by rains and flooding and the IDPs.
Mr Hussain appealed to the government also to focus on looking after the people affected by rains and floods. He again appealed to the government to release all political workers who were arrested on political grounds unconditionally.

7/18/2018 11:39:20 AM