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People of Pakistan must decide between Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan and Taliban’s Pakistan: Altaf Hussain

People of Pakistan must decide between Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan and Taliban’s Pakistan: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 10/18/2012

People are dying inKarachibecause elements involved in extortion, killings and kidnappings for ransom enjoy full support of certain people in establishment and law enforcing agencies
Interview to a private TV channel

The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that time has come for the Pakistani nation to decide if they wanted the Quaid-e-Azam’sPakistanor a Taliban’s Pakistan. A dividing line should be drawn between the two now. He said this in an interview to a private television channel.

Mr Hussain said that the sovereignty of any nation was of the foremost importance. Whether we enjoy 100 percent sovereignty or not should be decided by the people ofPakistan.

“I may sound bitter but I have never taken recourse to falsehood. I will not tell a lie even to my last breath. I will always speak the truth.”

Speaking about the relations of Pakistan with the neighbouring countries Mr Hussain asked the Pakistani nation, “Do we have normal relations with Iran, Afghanistan and India? Apparently,China is our friend but cracks have developed in our relations with China. The Chinese are also not happy with us.” He further said that you have fought holy war against supper power USSR. Today America is present in Afghanistanand it is also in crisis due to the seed of Islami Jihad which it has sown which is now grownup. 

Mr Hussain said that he was the only leader who had warned five years ago that Talibanization would debilitate Pakistan and only ignorant people bereft of knowledge and wisdom would be left, because the knowledgeable and educated people had been declared infidels, heretics and hence worthy of being put to death.

Mr Hussain said that members of the armed forces and general public were beheaded and mosques, imam bargahs, and shrines of saints were bombed. Congregational prayers on Friday and Tarawih were targeted and attacks were carried out on the GHQ, naval base. Despite all this certain people nurture sympathy with the process of Talibanization.

Mr Hussain said that a girl from Swat raised her voice for knowledge and education. She talked about promoting education and declared that she was not afraid of the Taliban. An assassination attack was carried on her, and she is admitted in a hospital in theUK battling for her life. 

Mr Hussain declared that if the nation did not decide between the Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistanand the Taliban’s Pakistan, utter destruction would become our fate. He appealed to the senior, experienced, liberal and progressive people of Pakistan to step forward for saving the country.

Mr Hussain said, “We are all Muslims by the Grace of Allah. Anyone who says that liberalism, and progressivism is against Islam tells a lie. The Quran clearly says that there is no compulsion in the religion. To you, your religion and to me, my religion.”

In response to a question he asked how a comparison could be drawn between the army and the government. He said that the government cannot pass a single bill without the consent of the army and the establishment. The government cannot introduce any amendment without the approval of the military establishment. The government had issued a notification bringing the ISI under the control of interior ministry, but it had to withdraw the notification bowing down within twelve hours.

Mr Hussain said that the army had scaled the walls of the presidency and the prime minister’s house on several occasions. He asked if the civil governments ever scaled the walls of the GHQ for arresting generals.

Mr Hussain said that the army should be asked if they wanted to go with the people of Pakistan or someone else. “I fear that there might be a civil war between the public and the army. I am not criticizing the army, but I believe that it is not doing its work the way it should.”

In response to a question about the situation in Balochistan, Mr Hussain expressed grave concerns on the incidents of kidnappings for ransom and targeted killings. He said that the killings of the Baloch people must stop and the establishment as well as the estranged Baloch leaders must show some flexibility for improving the situation. He said that the killings of the Punjabi people and other settlers in Balochistan must also end. He invited Baloch people to come forward for a better Pakistan. 

Mr Hussain said that the Supreme Court regularly conducts hearings but so far no action was taken against the personnel of security forces involved in the killings of innocent people. 

In response to a question about violence and terrorism in Karachi, Mr Hussain said that people were dying in Karachi because certain people from police, establishment and all the law-enforcing agencies were giving full support to the criminals involved in extortion, targeted killings, and kidnappings for ransom.

Mr Hussain said that the 90 percent of the army consisted of good people, and only 10 percent supported Taliban. If the 90 percent of the army consisting of good people make a firm resolve then Altaf Hussain with them and would willingly sacrifice his life for the country. A final battle would have to be fought between the people ofPakistan and the Taliban. He said that nobody could be more sympathiser then me to the Pakistan Army.

Mr Hussain said, “My heart bleeds when I see severed heads of Pakistani soldiers. I salute all those soldiers who have laid down their lives for the country.” He said that it should be noted today as my saying that “Right decision at the right time”. Three days ago I have said that now time has come, we should take our decision on “Now or Never” basis.

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