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The country has suffered loss of billions of rupees in few days: Altaf Hussain

The country has suffered loss of billions of rupees in few days: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 9/4/2014 1
May I ask civilian and military leaderships are nation’s problems solved this way?
Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Quaid Mr. Altaf Hussain has said he is a loyal Pakistani and cares about security, survival and welfare of Pakistan. He added that he wanted to see remaining Pakistan in a stable position. 
“They are playing havoc with the country. Economy has collapsed. The country is facing power crisis and unemployment. Education and healthcare systems not available to people. The poor people are without homes. Problems have piled up. The civilian government is doing nothing. The army is also doing nothing. They are entertaining each other. May I ask civilian and military leaderships are nation’s problems solved this way? , “Mr. Hussain expressed these views will addressing workers in Hyderabad and Karachi via telephone. 
The meeting was attended by a large number of elders and young men including women workers in the gatherings at Karachi and Hyderabad. 
Addressing the meeting Mr. Hussain said, “Few months ago I had told you about my problems and difficulties and the ordeal I was passing through. I have told you that I am being punished for the crimes I have not committed. I have been running this movement for 35 years. I have suffered imprisonment. Experienced brutal torture and solitary confinement. I was driven from one place to another. Ultimately, I went on exile. I have been living in exile in 22 years. Despite this I am busy in my mission work.”
Recalling the atrocities of 1992 Operation Mr. Hussain said, “Can Chaudhry Nisar Ali swear by the Holy Quran that he had not present the names of 72 notorious criminals. When the then army chief Gen. Asif Nawaz Janjua launched the operation, he said it would be against 72 notorious criminals. The names of Asif Zardari, Mustafa Jatoi, and Ghulam Mustafa and other big land lords were in the list. I had said that this list is a complete sham. The real operation would be against MQM. No one listened to me. Thousands of MQM workers were murdered during the operation. My workers were brutally tortured by government officials in torture cells. They were forced to lie on ice slabs during torture. Their bodies were burnt with iron. Eyes were taken out from sockets. Mothers, sisters, elders were subjected to torture. They were called sons of Indira Gandhi and agents of India and RAW. They hurled abuses at them and told them to go back to India.  I told workers to go underground. Workers fled to America, Canada, UK, the Middle, India, South Africa and other countries because repression and tyranny. I remained calm and composed and restraint myself despite tyranny. “
“Our forefathers gave more than 2 million lives for Pakistan. Those who hurl accusations and abuses don’t know how Pakistan created. During my exile they accused me of high treason. I can die for my country, but I cannot go against the country created by my forefathers. I want to Pakistan stable and prosperous. I am a loyal Pakistani. I care about the survival, security and welfare of Pakistan. I want to see the remaining Pakistan stable, “ Mr. Hussain said.
“MQM’s workers are still being arrested and subjected to brutal torture in detention and abuses are hurled them. It deplorable that DG Rangers, Corps Commander and other officials deny that this is happening, “ Mr. Hussain said.
“Problems of the country is piling up. The civilian government is not doing anything. The army is also sitting idle and doing nothing. Each one is entertaining another. Civilian and military leaderships should think over the situation. Are nation’s problems solved this way? If people say that that civilians are 100 per cent corrupt, I would say that 75 per cent generals are corrupt. In the last few days Pakistan suffered a loss of 100 billion. Law and order situation has gone band in the country. There is no law in the country. Cities are closed as if there is no rule of law in the country. If I had been an officer or influence in the army then I would have gone out and save the country. I would have ignored American and UK’s pressure.”
Mr. Hussain condemned the reports of land grabbing and illegal sale of lands in some parts of Karachi. He added that allow me to come to Karachi for 15 days I will eliminate land mafia from Karachi. 
“If they allow to come to Pakistan for six months and give me authority then would eliminate robbers, dacoits and criminals elements from Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan and Khyber PakhtoonKha, “ Mr. Hussain said.
“Pakistan is a great country. It is enrich with oil, gas and minerals wealth. However, our people sell these mineral wealth to China, America and other others. They earn millions of rupees in commission. Altaf Hussain is the only person who has not taken any loan, commission and kickbacks in any form,” Mr. Hussain said.
“I am hermit. A hermit is one who gives people something.  Tickets for MPA, MNAs and senators are sold in Pakistan. No a single person can say he has not taken any money for giving tickers. I have given ticket to hundreds of people and I have never taken money for giving them tickets, “ Mr. Hussain said.
“I pray to Allah to give sense to our general so they can think something good for the country.  They should differentiate between serious politics and play. Altaf is the only friend of the oppressed and  poor Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochs, Seraikis and Kashmiris. 
Commenting on the current political crisis Mr. Hussain said,” When I saw that there would be bloodshed then I spent say and night to resolve the crisis through dialogue. I did this despite know that the establishment does not like my face. “
Mr. Hussain expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of the Rabita Committee, Karachi Tenzeemi Committee and other wings and warned them to improve their performance. He added that KTC would be dissolved by the next week. 
“If Rabita Committee members did not perform their duties well they would too relief from their duties in a week, “ Mr. Hussain said.
He directed Rabita Committee to solve the issues of workers, jailed workers and members of the martyred workers. He added that should not ignore them anyway. 
He directed Rabita Committee members to come out of Nine Zeros and visit sectors and units like he used on this Honda 50. He warned all office bearers who work on different government departments on grade 16, 17 and 17 and have taken leave to participate in organizational activities to resume their duties. He warned that if it was founded that they has not jointed their duties their basic membership would be cancelled. 
He warned HaqParast MQM members of the national and provincial assemblies and the senate to they should not fail to donate in the Martyrs Fund.
Mr. Hussain said the movement’s workers are his real strength. He have shared my inner feelings with them. He asked workers to follow rules of the organizations and do not commit crimes or sins. 

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