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If democracy nurtured no one could challenge it: Khalid Maqbool

If democracy nurtured no one could challenge it: Khalid Maqbool
 Posted on: 9/2/2014 1

Deputy Convener Muttahida Quami Movement and Member National Assembly Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that if the democracy would have been nurtured in the country then a few thousand people could not challenge the country’s parliaments.
Speaking on the floor of the joint Parliaments, the Deputy Convener said that until the benefits of democracy to be reached to the common people, it could not be strengthened. He said that it was really a good sign to decide not to use state power against the protesters and the appreciation for police in the house for its role during the demonstration was really good but this tradition should be spread all over the country.
He said that it was really painful when he saw police using live-bullets for Karachiites despite the rubber-bullets and even our women were also riddled by live-bullets. He said people and their representatives rightly to think that the country was in its extreme crisis, everyone had to be patient and mature enough to tackle the issue.
Dr Maqbool said that the Speaker and the Prime Minister were the authorities in the Parliament and if someone thought them to step up for the crisis to resolve, meant to show maturity. He said his party thought that the democratic institutions should not be bulldozed and any act of such should be condemned.
He said that Mr. Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement, offered all of his party’s 25 NA seats, if the crisis could be resolved. He said that his people were against the torture and encroachment of national assets to press for their demands.
Dr Maqbool said that the democracy could not be strengthened merely claiming it. He said everyone had to work to remove its weakness and the benefits should be rendered for the people. He also added that until the corruption was removed the democracy could not prevail in the country with its true spirit.
He appealed to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that to strengthen democracy at that extent for which people would themselves come to rescue it but the family democracy could only weaken the true spirit of the democracy. He strongly condemned the seizer of Pakistan Television and attack on elected Parliaments.
Dr Maqbool demanded to Prime Minister that whatsoever was happened in the Model Town and whosoever were involved in the incident should be brought to the justice and if the government was found guilty then he should admit it. He demanded a thorough justice for everyone, who was martyred in that incident.
He said that a leader of one of the protesting party claimed that after Islamabad, he would liberate Karachi with the concert enjoying crowd. He said that it would be appropriate for him to claim to liberate Occupied Kashmir rather cities of his own country.
Dr Maqbool questioned that what had happened to him and party leaders, if he would call for the civil disobedience and evoked people to use “Hundi” in spite of legal money transaction system. He said his message was that Pakistan is for all and everyone has equal rights.
He asked the man who wanted to liberate Karachi but from what? Liberation from 60 years of oppressions, liberation from the most discriminating quota system, liberation from the crimes patronized by non-local police or he merely had lust for seizing the metropolis resources to make the Karachiites to his stooges. He finally said that if this crowd would ever dare to see at Karachi they would have to bear the consequences.

7/22/2018 5:58:57 AM