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Govt., protesters should be flexible to resolve issue: Altaf Hussain

Govt., protesters should be flexible to resolve issue: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 8/26/2014

LONDON: The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain has said his party will sacrifice its political mandate and will agree to resign from all twenty-five seats of National Assembly.


MQM Chief, while talking to a private TV channel, said that next seventy-five hours were so crucial and to save Pakistan from any possible political calamity. He said that he sent to a delegation comprised of members of Coordination Committee, Senators and MNA to convince both the rivals to settle down their issues through talks and to take every step to avoid bloodbath in the country.


He said that it was time to sacrifice from both sides and the government should leave their egotism and stubbornness and for the sake of nation it should come forward and ease the situation. He said MQM is ready to sacrifice its mandate and would agree to resign from National Assembly, if the confrontation could be settled down.


Mr. Hussain, once again, reiterated his appeal to protesting parties and the government to show flexibility in their attitudes for the sake of the country. He said he could foresight an unconstitutional attempt with constitutional makeover, like legal options of Article 245 and imposition of PPO.


He termed that Dr Qadri’s demands were mostly reasonable except some of them and said, would support most of them. He said that the issue could be resolved without dissolving National Assembly and thirty days’ resignation was a fun. He appealed Dr Qadri not to proceed state buildings and embassies which could result more disasters.


He said that most of Qadri’s demands reflected people’s interest, as he advocated empowering commoners for prosperity and progress in the country. He said that local bodies’ system should be implemented and duel merits of system should be eliminated.


Mr. Hussain also recalled Model Town tragedy, in which, a symbol of terror “Gullu Butt” was introduced to terrorize people. He said innocent people including children, women and elders, were brutally killed in the incident. He said due to that crisis the country suffered at least 800 billion rupees loss. 

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