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Prominent personalities from Gujrat and Dera Ismail Khan join the MQM

Prominent personalities from Gujrat and Dera Ismail Khan join the MQM
 Posted on: 10/8/2012
Prominent social and political figure from Gujrat Chaudhry Safdar Jamna and noted industrialist from Dera Ismail Khan Malik Shah Zaman announced their decision to join the MQM in a press conference at Nine Zero. They said that they were joining the MQM after getting inspired by the political philosophy of MQM leader Mr Altaf Hussain. They said that they would make efforts for the rights of the 98% deprived and oppressed people of the country in their respective areas.

Chaudhry Safdar Jamna said that the MQM was the party of the people belonging to the middle class while there was a strong culture of dynastic politics in other parties. He said that he was greatly inspired by the discipline of the MQM.

Malik Shah Zaman said that he was happy to know that MQM leader Mr Hussain always remained in contact with the party workers. He said that the good of the country lay in following the sagacious leader like Mr Hussain in order to pull the country out of the current turmoil.

Earlier member of the Co-ordination Committee Waseem Aftab introduced Chaudhry Safdar Jamna and Malik Shah Zaman to the press and electronic media.

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