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Prime minister should relinquish post if he feels that protest demonstration could cause damage life and property of people: Altaf Hussain

Prime minister should relinquish post if he feels that protest demonstration could cause damage life and property of people: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 8/2/2014 1
Do meaningful dialogue to remove small and big differences.
Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s founder and leader has appealed in  an emergency statement to Pakistani people, leaders of political and religious parties and the federal and provincial rulers to save Pakistan. 
“Do meaningful dialogue to remove small and big differences. We should avoid confrontational ways of dealing with issues which might cause loss of life and property, “ Mr. Hussain said. 
In a statement Mr. Hussain said, “We are witnessing horrible unending wars on international level because small and big differences. We are reading about them. We are watching small internal and external conflicts of different countries on the electronic media which our own eyes and hearing with our own ears. All these conflicts are occurring in different areas because differences. During these conflicts we witnessed some painful and stupefying nerve-racking scenes. Massacre of Palestinians, conflict between different African countries, destruction of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. Everyone knows how Pakistan is passing through in this situation. Generals, officers, and soldiers are rendering supreme sacrifices in North Waziristan in their fight against terrorists. They have killed a large number of terrorists and hoisting the flag of Pakistan on every front. The situation in Pakistan’s largest province is not good. Thousands of people have been forcibly disappeared. Cities and villages in Baluchistan are without electricity and gas. There are no schools for poor children. The condition of existing schools are very bad. Children cannot get education in those schools. Government hospitals are without medicines. There are jobs for poor to earn a livelihood. Rains have destroyed drainage system of the country. No one is able to maintain or look after the drainage system because local bodies’ government does not exist. It is deplorable democratic governments never hold local bodies’ election, “
“Some people have become champions of democracy these so called champions of love to cast aspersion upon others. In the garb of democracy people who are in opposition are saying that the ruling government is a dictatorship. A group is threatening to demolish the government. The other group is threatening to shake the government. Every sensible Pakistanis are concerned over this confrontation. Few days have left for the Aug 14, 2014. Instead of doing long march and threatening to crush one another. We should avoid confrontation and hurling threats and act in sensible way and sit together and hear each other’s complaints and try find solutions and save the country from crisis. We should do that even we have to compromise. In this connection I appeal to Mian Nawaz Shareef to show graciousness and convene a gathering of political and religious parties and hear their complaints and make list of their complaints and try to solve them gradually, “ Mr. Hussain said.
Mr. Hussain said in the end of his statement that the prime minister should come forwards and study and analyze the situation minutely and if he reaches to the conclusion that protest demonstration announced by the opposition could threaten life and property of the people then he  should relinquish the post and give the responsibility of the premiership some other member of his party after discussion with his party members. He added that he should find a constitutional way to avoid embarrassment and maintain his dignity.


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