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Founder and leader of MQM, Mr Altaf Hussain, has police bail extended

Founder and leader of MQM, Mr Altaf Hussain, has police bail extended
 Posted on: 7/28/2014
The Metropolitan Police Service have informed Mr Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), via his London lawyers that his police bail has been extended on the same terms until December 2014.

On hearing that his bail had been extended, Mr Hussain said, “I expected that my bail might be extended as this is an entirely normal procedure in the UK legal system. I urge my millions of members and supporters across the world to remain calm throughout this process.”

MQM is a party whose policies are closely aligned with global values. It has grown into a genuinely national party – the fourth largest in Pakistan. It seeks to end the out-dated feudal structures which, since the creation of Pakistan, have delivered the bloc votes that have entrenched the ruling elites in power and replace them with a genuinely democratic system in which every vote counts.

MQM is first and foremost the party of equal rights and equal opportunity for all. This includes women and religious and ethnic minorities. It is firmly opposed to both the Taleban and all forms of fanaticism and extremism. It believes that government should be based on policy and is committed to genuine democratic government, an independent judiciary and a free press.

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