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Article by Abbas Mhekri : A work others could not do by Abbas Mhekri

 Posted on: 7/27/2014
Muttahida Qaumi Movement is the only political party in Pakistan, which has hold a big rally in Karachi to express solidarity with the Pak army when they launched ‘Operation ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ – An operation against terrorists in North Waziristan. People attended the July 6 rally in large numbers despite the Holy Month of Ramazan.
People who had made claims to bring revolution or tsunami in the country restricted their political activities in Ramzan. It is not easily to hold such a big rally in the holy month of Ramazan.
Pak Army needed political supported badly at this time because they were not only fightinh for the eradication of terrorists from the country but also a fighting a war of Pakistan’s survival. Keeping in view the gravitation of the situation MQM’s leadership displayed their political power to show their solidarity with the armed forces of Pakistan to send the message to the world that armed forces of Pakistan are not alone. The whole nation is behind them.
Generally, all  political, religious and nationalist parties have expressed support for the ‘Operation Zarb-e-Azb’. Some of them has extendted full support to the operation. Some of them have expressed support with reservations. However, they did not play their roles to mobilize mass public supported needed for the operation. They should have done this. Some political parties support policies made by the army. Some parties do not want to oppose their policies because they do not want to antagonize the army. Some political parties agree with the objectives of the operation. They do give strong statements in support of the operation but do not display their political support because the fear of the extremists. It would be right to say that MQM is the only part which opposes terrorism and extremism. It is openly expressing its stance bravely and challenges the forces which want to make Pakistan a theocratic state, which is contrary to the vision of the Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
People can have political dissent with MQM. However, their clear and brave stance against terrorism and extremism is increasing their support in liberal, enlightened and progressive circles. We all know that it is not easy to oppose Taliban and their supporters.
MQM’s Founder and leader has said in his recent interview given to ‘Newsweek’ that Taliban has killed their four elected representatives belonging to MQM in the past three years. Their recent victim was women member of the National Assembly Tahira Asif.  She was killed on June 18.
During the recently general elections Taliban issued threats against three political parties. The parties are Pakistan People’s Party, Awami National Party and MQM. They were told to not to run their election campaigns. Taliban attacked MQM’s offices and corner meetings. Scores of people died and injured in these attacks.  All these actions against MQM indicate that Taliban and its supporters are a threat to MQM. MQM hold a big rally to express their solidarity with the armed forces despite dangers.  MQM held this rally at a time when national and international media have said in their reports that Karachi has become a stronghold of Taliban and other militant groups. Some of these reports said that Taliban have established their strongholds in some parts of Karachi and these areas are no longer in the government’s control. They hold their courts. According to Mr. Hussain they dispense justice in accordance with their own version of sharia.  Some news reports said that Taliban have sent extortion slips to police too.
No one believed when Mr. Hussain warned about the growing influence of Taliban and other extremist groups in Karachi. Now the Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah says these extremists groups are causing law and order situation in Karachi and they are from Northern areas.
Now Sindh Police’s officers say in their press conferences Taliban and extremist pose great danger to peace in Karachi.  At a time when extremist groups have established their strongholds in Karachi and have killed MQM’s elected representatives and workers holding of a solidarity rally in support of the armed forces of Pakistan tells us about their courage and commitment for Pakistan.
MQM has done a think which other parties in Pakistan could not do. MQM is Pakistan’s strong and disciplined party, which has a strong relation with its workers and supports. Workers of this party can do which workers of other parties cannot do.
The world is amazed at the relief work they did in 2005 earthquake and 2010 flood disaster.  MQM’s workers come out first whenever natural disaster and national crisis occur. They work in a disciplined way.  MQM’s MNA Nabil Gabol said that he joined MQM after seeing their discipline and passion of MQM’s workers and the party gave him the rightful place in the party.
The trust of MQM works and leaders with the party is source of political power of MQM. That’s why MQM has not acted out of expediency on the issue of terrorism and extremism.

7/18/2018 1:33:56 PM