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Altaf Hussain shows concern over Shia-Sunni targeted-killings

Altaf Hussain shows concern over Shia-Sunni targeted-killings
 Posted on: 7/24/2014
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain has talked to members of Coordination Committee and showed his deep concern over the targeted-killings of prominent Shia and Sunni doctors, engineers, professors, lawyers, scholars, and writers.
The MQM Chief said that unfortunately neither the federal nor the provincial governments took any notice against the prevailing situation, which outlawed the government’s writ in most parts of the country especially Karachi. He said that both the federal and provincial governments should design solid strategies to stop this menace.
Altaf Hussain also appealed to Karachiites to come forward and help themselves to tackle the terrorism. He suggested them to make peace-committees in their areas and take an eye on the wandering suspects and instantly report to the police and law enforcement agencies.
He warned to the rulers that Allah has given them a chance to rule and it was their responsibility to provide protection to the people and their belongings and any negligence might call His curse. He said that he prayed for those who did not want to comprehend the conspiracy to make riots between Shia and Sunni. He prayed that Allah would bless them to understand the situation and tackle it with maturity.

7/19/2018 3:01:49 AM