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Important and detailed meeting between Altaf Hussain and President Zardari held in London

Important and detailed meeting between Altaf Hussain and President Zardari held in London
 Posted on: 10/1/2012
Political and economic condition, dual nationality, Balochistan issue, local government system and other issues discussed in the meeting
A detailed and important meeting was held between President Asif Zardari and MQM Founder and Leader Mr Altaf Hussain in the Churchill Hotel in London. The meeting continued for nearly three and a half hours. Members of the Co-ordination Committee Mr Mustafa Azizabadi, Mr Muhammad Anwer and Mr Qasim Ali Raza accompanied Mr Hussain. Federal Interior Minister Mr Rehman Malik and Pakistan’s High Commissioner in the UK Mr Wajid Shamshul Hassan were also present in the meeting.

In the initial one and a half hour, the members of the Co-ordination Committee also took part in the meeting. Both the leaders discussed political and economic condition of the country, Balochistan issue, law and order situation in the country, injunction against dual nationality, local government system, destruction caused by heavy floods, and other important issues. 
It was agreed that conflict and friction between the state institutions was not in the interest of the country and the democratic system, hence the institutions must work within their own framework and show consideration for each other.

It was also agreed that the MQM and the PPP would continue to extend co-operation to each other and work together for continuation and strengthening of democracy in the country. 
Mr Hussain said that economic stability was necessary for the progress of the country and the government should concentrate on improving the law and order situation in the country for economic stability. 
Mr Hussain urged upon the president to take serious and effective steps for resolving the Balochistan issue. A solution should be worked out through negotiation instead of using force. 
On the issue of dual nationality, the president said that efforts would be made to introduce legislation with the help of political parties in the parliament. 
Both the leaders congratulated each other on the passing of the local government ordinance by the Sindh Assembly and said that it was an important milestone in the direction of transferring power to the lowest levels.
Mr Hussain commended President Zardari for his courageous address in the General Assembly of the United Nations. 
A one-to-one meeting that lasted for nearly two hours was also held between Mr Hussain and President Zardari during which different issues of mutual interests were discussed.

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