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The Muslim world can get back its lost glory by following the teachings of Mr Hussain: Dr Nusrat

The Muslim world can get back its lost glory by following the teachings of Mr Hussain: Dr Nusrat
 Posted on: 7/15/2014
The Deputy Convener of the Central Coordination Committee of Mutahidda Quami Movement Dr Nusrat has said that MQM has proved itself by organizing one of the historical solidarity public gathering with Armed forces that each and every worker of MQM under the leadership of Mr Altaf Hussain is ready to render all kind of sacrifices for the defense, stability, independence and sovereignty of the country.
Dr Nusrat expressed these views while addressing the participants of an iftar party arranged under the aegis of MQM  sector Qasba Ali Garh.
In his address Dr Nusrat said that the image of Islam is being deteriorated throughout the world due to Sectarianism, violence and killings in different Muslims countries, where innocent people are victimized through so called Islamic Sharia which is imposed upon them forcibly by fanatic elements.
Dr Nusrat said all the Muslim countries including Pakistan under such a crucial state can get rid of the negative trend of violence, killings and sectarianism by following the realistic philosophy, suggestions and teachings of the Founder and Leader .of MQM Mr Hussain
Dr Nusrat further said that Armed forces in Pakistan are engaged in Zarb-e-Azb operation against terrorists and despite of embracing martyrdom they are bravely, courageously and steadfastly eliminating the hideouts of terrorists, which is quite encouraging and proof of the abilities of the armed forces of the Pakistan.
Dr Nusrat also distributed Zakat and Fitra relief goods to the needy and deserved poor people. He also urged the participants not to forget the poor and deserved people during the holy month of Ramadan.
The participants of the iftar party were also addressed by the members of the Central Coordination Committee of MQM Syed Amin Ul Haque and Adil Saiidiqui. The members of the provincial assembly Saif Uddin Khalid and Mohammed Hussain were also present on the occasion. 

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