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Only MQM serves humanity: Altaf Hussain

 Only MQM serves humanity: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 7/9/2014 1
MQM Chief Altaf Hussain said MQM, since its inception, kept serving people despite their race, sect and ethnic differences.
Talking to members of Coordination Committee, parliamentarians and other office bearers of various departments, Altaf Hussain said people having feudal mentality kept propagating against MQM to defame it and it was MQM workers responsibilities to rectify party’s image through its philosophy, agenda and welfare works.
He said MQM introduced lower-middle class leadership in country’s parliaments and emerged the only hope of the poor and disadvantaged people. He said to spread MQM philosophy all over the country, it became Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) on 26th July 1997 to serve the entire countrymen and since then it raised voice for deprived souls.
Altaf Hussain said his party kept serving for humanity during natural disasters especially earthquake, flood and others incidents. He said MQM always came up front to fight for countrymen against any mishap or disaster. He said in every testing time MQM proved its presence for the nation.
He said despite all these efforts MQM was being accused of non-religious party, foreign agent, having ethnic prejudice and other false allegations which defamed its credibility and goodwill. He said MQM kept struggling to break status quo by introducing lower-middle class leaderships.
MQM Chief said if his party’s services were not recognized by national or international level than the cause would not only be people tyrant mentality but simultaneously MQM workers and authorities would be blamed. He said MQM also worked to maintain sectarian harmony especially Shia-Sunni relationship.
He said his party discipline should acknowledged because hundreds of thousands people on July 6th rally were given meal to break their fast without any chaos, in contrast, workers in other parties kept displaying mismanagement and ill-discipline in their programs.
Altaf Hussain also directed Coordination Committee to reinstate organizational evaluation tests for the workers. He also advised his workers to study his book Safre Zindagi to get aware of party’s early era. He then appreciated all the department and committees for their performance.

7/17/2018 12:04:15 PM