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Nation stands for army against terrorists

Nation stands for army against terrorists
 Posted on: 7/5/2014 1
MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has said army which involved fighting against the terrorism is not alone but the entire nation including, children, women and elders have stood behind them for this noble cause.
Talking to his party workers at Jinnah Park, Altaf Hussain said July 6th rally was organised by MQM to express solidarity with army and ensured its full support to country’s defenders. He said despite any communal or ethnic belongings everyone stood for his/her army and it would be shown on July 6th solidarity rally.
MQM Chief praised army soldiers and officers for showing chivalry acts in the fight against the terrorists at their dens. He said the world view MQM’s rally as a referendum against terrorism and extremism. He said it was time to convey peace message to the world and to let them think about peaceful nation.
He said militants wanted to enforce their so-called Sharia by spreading terror. He said he would not waste the sacrifices of his forefathers and reaffirmed the nation’s promises to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to maintain spirit of equality in the country.
Altaf Hussain said from crust to panicle, everyone would witness nation’s affections to its army. He said MQM workers kept working in their fasts during the holy month of Ramazan. He thanked to the donors for their support for making the rally became possible.

7/18/2018 1:35:17 PM