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Altaf Hussain Addresses Senior Journalists, Article by Agha Masood Hussain

Altaf Hussain Addresses Senior Journalists, Article by Agha Masood Hussain
 Posted on: 7/5/2014 1
Altaf Hussain Addresses Senior Journalists 
ArticleBy Agha Masood
Last Thursday 3rd July  Altaf Hussain addressed the senior journalists at Karachi Press Club in which he requested the establishment to lift ban on Geo and ARY Tv net works. He also requested the cable operators to cooperate and allow flow of information. His appeal was heard by the establishment and The ban was lifted for both the premier Tv network.
He however, said that the Geo had committed mistake by displaying the photo of ISI on Geo TV screen falsely implicating the chief of ISI in the murder attempt of  a senior journalist Hamid Mir  Mr Altaf Hussain deplored the mistake but  said every one commits  mistake in his or her life time. Forgiveness and tolerance  should be the hall mark of Pakistani society as without tolerance, the democracy cannot work. Mr Hussain  said that our brave army is  fighting the rogue elements  called Taliban in North Wazirstan, every one of us should extend support to our army  to win the  war on terrorism , a threat to the civilized world. Mr Hussain further added that when he warned the Government that Taliban are settling down in certain areas of Karachi, nobody listened him rather  rejected  his informations regarding Taliban   but when these terrorists disturbed the peace of the city and   indulged in  activities such as kidnapping for ransom, bank robbery and  broad day light mugging, the Government was alarmed and endorsed my statements regarding Talibans  encroachment in Karachi, had his previous warning heard, about Taliban, these elements would not have dared  to settle down in Karachi as also in other parts of Sindh. Now that the war against these rouge elements has  been declared and the Pak Army is fighting in North Waziristan we  should all unite to defeat them rather finish them once  for all.
Mr Hussain was in pretty good mood, on some occasion he laughed and cracked jokes with the journalists. However, he opined that the revolution in Pakistan is around the corner, nobody can stop the coming revolution.
The conditions for revolution is ripe in Pakistan, anybody with vision can hear the march of the revolution which if occurred would  establish the rule of oppressed and marginalized people and bring an end to the exploitation of people by few filthy rich, who have usurped the rights of  the majority. He said there are other political parties calling for revolution but only a disciplined party like MQM could lead the people  towards the victory.
To my question about the role USA and Afghanistan against the battle being fought by Pakistani Army IN north Waziristan, he appealed to Afghan President Karzai to support Pakistan  in her fight against the terrorists and seal its border with Pakistan so that these rogue elements may not get shelter in Afghanistan and  create problems for both Pakistan and Afghanistan. To a question about Pakistan Protection Law, Mr. Hussain called it as a black law and we will not support it for all the time; (it is for two years only).
However, my party members in the parliament took the decision without my approval, yet I support it. The address of Mr Hussain to the senior journalists was largely attended, followed by Iftar.
Source: Pakistan State Times

7/16/2018 1:29:17 AM