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Bitter Facts Written by Altaf Hussain

Bitter Facts Written by Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 7/3/2014 1
Bitter Facts by Altaf Hussain
Human history tell us that religious personalities, philosophers, scientists and intellectuals have presented ideologies and thoughts in different ages. Our libraries are full of books on ideologies and thoughts presented by them. The abundance of material give us the impression that they found answers to all the problems faced by humans. Those who think so are wrong. When a person starts thinking that he has achieved perfection in knowledge he goes astray because knowledge is limitless. A man never thinks that he should give up his deliberations after reaching a conclusion or correct himself. He should not forget that one cannot gain complete knowledge till his death.
On the one hand there is knowledge which is limitless and on the other hand there is human power which has a limit. Only Allah has limitless power. People who ignore limit of human intellect and weaknesses and human history when they make decisions they fail to take into consideration the consequences of their decisions.
When America and its allies decided to attack Iraq under the pretext of finding WMDs, I started thinking over the situation in solitude of my room away from organizational work. They decided to attack Iraq decide the facts teams belonging to different countries, who visited Iraq in search of WMDs, had given reports that they did not find anything evidence that Iraq was making weapons of mass destruction. Even different International Think Tanks said so. I said why this was happening. Do they realize ramifications of their action? 
I plucked up my courage and came to office and starting lecturing and debating on the issue. I spontaneous said in one occasion that American would commit an historical blunder if it attacked Iraq. As America has become the sole super power after defeating Russian in the cold war and absolute power paralysis positive thinking and leads a person into  illusion, illusionary way of thinking and even some time a person comes under hallucinatory condition. 
My knowledge and belief tells me Allah is the source of all power and we consider Him omnipotent.  We can have two super powers in the world, but there is one being that has absolute power. 
I started discussion session on different topics after launching movement. I had observed during the Cold War that it will culminate in a war and it would affect the region and surrounding areas. My analysis have proved to be true. 
In the same way when I saw the conflict between the USA and Iraq and gave lectures in the International Secretariat after making analysis of the situation. I openly said in my lectures America and its allies have decided and they would do so whether they find a justification or not. They will not only attack Iraq but also capture Iraq’s important installations. I knew that Muslim Ummah consisting of a billion followers and top scholars would not utter a word against the illegal action of American and its allies. Arab League and OIC would do nothing. They would convene few session to fool people. They did so.
Those who had attended by discussion sessions must remember that I had pointed out that this war would spread to other Muslims countries and governments would be toppled. God Forbid, it could start a third world war. 
My statement are on print and electronic media in this regard. People ridiculed me when I said that. I ignore their criticism and paid attention to my work. The situation in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Tunis, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan and Yemen is before us. They are experiencing civil wars.
We can learn from the civil wars in these countries. The situation in these countries has proved my apprehensions right. The statement of American Secretary of State John Carry gave me pleasure. He said that American made a mistake by invading Iraq and they were suffering because of American blunder in Iraq. 
Their desire to dominate the world have destroyed millions of lives. Millions have been displayed. The world has suffered loss of billions of dollars. It is deplorable that we have not learnt any lesion from this destruction and still making efforts for world dominance. 
In the same when I told the people of Pakistan especial Karachi’s people and expressed my concerns about Taliban. People ridiculed me in their private meetings and evening gatherings. I bore their criticism and did not change my views. Now they ask me and my people how we can fight the menace of Taliban which has spread in our society.
There is a segment of our population which supports Taliban. Their supported help Taliban to spread their influence across Pakistan. They evaded whenever action against Taliban was proposed. Now everyone has seen the consequences of their support and hesitancy to act against Taliban. 
Taliban succeeded in breaching the security and attack our defence installations where no one could penetrate. The country suffered loss in billions, thousands of innocent Pakistanis have lost their lives, and thousands have been injured. 
At last armed forces of Pakistan have launched operation ‘Zarbe-Azb.  I pray for its success. They could have avoided loss and destruction if they had paid heed to my warnings and launched operation five, eight or ten years ago. 
Now the armed forces of Pakistan are fighting Taliban terrorists under the leadership of brave generals. As a true Pakistan should practically support armed forces of Pakistan instead of opposing them. We can clear Pakistan off the Taliban permanently by the Grace of Allah. We have to act now. Procrastination will endanger our survival.  

7/19/2018 4:29:31 PM