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Altaf Hussain strongly condemns attack, threat to MQM parliamentarians

Altaf Hussain strongly condemns attack, threat to MQM parliamentarians
 Posted on: 6/18/2014
MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has strongly condemned assassination attack on MQM MNA Tahira Asif in Lahore and appealed to the people to pray Almighty Allah to bestow her early recovery and complete health.

In a statement issued from London Secretariat, Altaf Hussain also appealed to the people to donate blood to seriously wounded MNA. He said he talked to the doctors and they had been trying to rescue her life and currently, she was in an acute danger. He said Dr Ahmed Alamghir informed her actual condition and was cured in ICU ward.

He also talked to the family members of the wounded MNA and offered heartily solace to them for the unfortunate incident. He said to her husband the incident saddened him badly. He said Tahira Asif had already showed her concerns over security measures for her as she was threatened by the terrorists. For that MQM had requested local administrations to provide appropriate security for her but all went in vein.

Altaf Hussain reckoned her as a brave and rightful lady to fight against discrimination and extremism at all the forums and at any situation. He also solaced her daughter and said she should be prideful for having such courageous parents. He ensured her family members that the entire nation supported her for bravery and courage.

Meanwhile, MQM Chief condemned the death threats to MQM MNA Rashid Godal and demanded foolproof security for MQM parliamentarians, especially Rashid Godal. He said the concerned authorities should take notice and should try to prevent any future misshape.

7/20/2018 3:36:19 PM