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No budget represents nation’s wish: Sardar Ahmed

No budget represents nation’s wish: Sardar Ahmed
 Posted on: 6/12/2014
MQM parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly Syed Sardar Ahmed said budgets were never be people’s friendly, which were presented in past.

Speaking at a press conference at MQM headquarters Nine-Zero, the Parliamentary Leader said bureaucracy always presented unfriendly budgets and suspicious elements manipulated them before their presentation. He said MQM always ensured its efforts to make things according to people’s requirements and kept presenting shadow budgets with appropriate proposals.

He said we had to maintain public safety and remove poverty because 50 percent of the population lied beneath the poverty line. He said we had to ensure to uplift their life standards through providing them extreme relaxation in budget.

MQM’s leader presented the shadow budget of 2014-2015 along with Haqparast members of Sindh Assembly Ashfaq Mangi, Yousuf Shahwani, Muhammad Hussain, Naila Latif, Sumeeta Syed and others. He said MQM once again tried to execute people’s wish during preparations of the shadow budget.

Sardar Ahmed said it was unfortunate that corruption annihilated the entire social structure and social values. Bureaucrats kept creating hurdles for the investors rather facilitating them to contribute in country’s prosperity, he added. He said we had to promote investments to increase GDP and productions to create opportunities for the unemployed youth.

He proposed rationing system for the urban inhabitants claiming all the taxes were collected from urban areas so they should be facilitated too. He said for the last 65-year imbalance of division of resources created chaos in the system. He informed MQM kept working on the issue to stabilize the distribution of resources according to the collection of revenues.

Sardar Ahmed demanded provinces should be given autonomous power to run themselves and National Finance Commission (NFC) award should distributed according to their collections of revenue not on the basis of the population. He said MQM would continue its effort till to realize the suggestions and Sindh would be given its actual right in NFC.

He suggested to fund not to construct buildings but to provide fundamental rights in already existing infrastructures, including hospitals, educational institutions and other public concern organizations. He said MQM proposed health insurance and worked on it with the previous government but after formation of new government the health insurance proposal left abandoned.

MQM leader demanded to stop taxing property tax only Karachiites because 1600 million rupees were collected in account of property tax in entire Sindh, while 1500 million out of total 1600 million were collected only from Karachiites. He insisted to collect property tax equally from all over the country including interior Sindh.

He demanded to conduct local bodies’ elections as soon as possible to empower common man to let them resolve their problems themselves. He claimed MQM was not consulted during provincial budget preparations but its parliamentarians would attend the budget session.

7/19/2018 10:32:17 AM