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Elements attacking defence installations and slaying armed forces personnel are enemies of Pakistan: Altaf Hussain

Elements attacking defence installations and slaying armed forces personnel are enemies of Pakistan: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 9/9/2012 1

Conversation with Chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council Allama Tahir Ashrafi

The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has said that the terrorist elements carrying out attack on defence installations, slaughtering the personnel of the armed forced defending the borders, and instigating sectarian bloodshed were open enemies of Pakistan and not its friends. All the patriotic elements and the general public should get united against such elements. He said this while talking to the chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council Allama Tahir Ashrafi on the telephone.

Speaking to Allama Ashrafi, Mr Hussain said that one the one hand conspiracies were being hatched against the Muslim world at international levels and force was being used while, on the other hand, Pakistan is being weakened internally and defence installations of Pakistan were being attacked. The fire of sectarianism was being raged and people belonging to the Shia school of thought were being killed.  

Mr Hussain said that excesses were being committed against the non-Muslims as well. Everything was being done to destroy Pakistan. “We want to save Pakistan and present the true image of Islam and Pakistan before the world.”

Mr Hussain also informed Allama Ashrafi about establishing of the Muttahida Bainul Muslimeen Forum and the efforts being for promoting sectarian and religious harmony.

Agreeing with the views of Mr Hussain, Allama Ashrafi said that the Muslim world needed the concept of unity and solidarity expressed by him. “You are like a torch bearer for the nation who is showing the path in darkness.”

Allama Ashrafi told Mr Hussain that he supported him in his endeavours for saving Pakistan and forging unity among Muslims. “We also want a system in Pakistan where the followers of all faiths, sects and schools of thought could live in peace and tranquillity by respecting each other.”

Mr Hussain praised the efforts being made by Allama Ashrafi for promoting religious harmony and stressed upon the need for carrying those efforts forward.

7/22/2018 11:20:59 PM