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The News London: Testing Times For MQM by Nasir Saeed

The News London: Testing Times For MQM by Nasir Saeed
 Posted on: 6/11/2014
Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Last week was very testing for the MQM as its chief Altaf Hussain was arrested on suspicion of money laundering and then after questioning released on bail - leading to many breathing a huge sigh of relief. Party members are joyous over the release of their Quaid, but the news has equally dismayed many others as it is not what they were expecting. Positively, during this difficult time for MQM, the Pakistani government did not abandon Altaf Hussain, but assured him of its support through Mohammad Imran Mirza. Similarly most of the political leaders expressed their concern and showed their solidarity, including Wajid Shamsul Hasan, former high commissioner, who was present at the International Secretariat to welcome Altaf Hussain.
Against the backdrop of this whole situation, there are several Pakistanis who have political animosity with MQM, but in my opinion it was unnecessary venture as no Pakistani politician is an angel and many has stashes abroad. Setting such a precedence  could be harmful for other politicians in the future. 
MQM is the fourth largest political party of Pakistan and the only political party which represent middle class Pakistanis in parliament, believing in equality without, discrimination of color, race and religion – that is why during his speech after release Altaf Hussain reiterated that the word minority should be extricated from Pakistan’s Constitution. 
As we all know minorities are going through the worst time in Pakistan’s history, and still there is no sign of hope for them. Though there are several political leaders who have the slogans if a “Naya” (new) Pakistan ( while I want my old Pakistan back) and Quaid’s Pakistan seems attractive, the MQM is the only party who have a vision to make Pakistan for all. It is the only party that can be trusted to bring Pakistan out of the mess of increasing extremism and religious intolerance and make Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam’s Pakistan, where religion has nothing to do with the business of the state. 
The arrest or imprisonment of Pakistani political leadership is not something unusual for Pakistanis as ex-president Zardari, present Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and many others have spent time in jail.  In Pakistan neither it is considered a anomalous nor does it affect the political carrier of Pakistani politicians sometimes proving to increase their stature. 
Pakistan has its own methods of measuring issues of sensitivity, honour and accountability. For example, innocent people are being killed every day in Karachi but chief minister and law ministers are still in their offices.  Similarly every day we read and watch news about the rapes and honour killings of innocent women and young girls in Punjab, but the law minister is still in his office while chief minister is busy with other things. While the court has taken suo motto notice over some cases, if this thing had happened in the UK, the responsible ministers would have resigned long ago, but in Pakistan they know the art of justifying and shifting responsibility to others. 
The release of Altaf Hussain has perturbed several journalists and politicians as for them his arrest was the end of MQM, all of their comments and predictions are being proved wrong.  I don’t understand how they can forget how much Altaf Hussain is loved by his supporters who sat for five days and night just to hear their Quaid’s voice, and as soon as they did they dispersed in peace. 
Ministers going to jail and into exile has never effected any party’s popularity in Pakistan if the think that MQM’s chief can be made to disappear from the Pakistani political scene in the future and in his absence the Party will fall to pieces the they are wrong we have the example of PPP leader Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and PMLN Leader Miya Nawaz Sharif, it can be argued they were freed and constantly in contact with their party leadership Altaf Hussain can do the same and Britain is not on different planet, but part of the same world.
Some journalist and politicians still believe that soon the MQM will break into small groups because of doing differences among the leadership but I don’t see it is happening in the near future as difference of opinion I not enough to leave the party and form a separate group in MQM the strength lies with Altaf Hussain and of anybody wants to leave MQM they know they would be weak and I think that is why no one has formed any separate group or joined any other party. It seems everyone is still loyal to MQM and to their Quaid. Altaf Hussain has already judiciously ordered the restoration of membership of those who had breached the party rules and discipline, and no doubt this will strengthen the party.
If someone is still thinking of leaving MQM and establishing their own group, then they should remember what happened to those who left PPP, including Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi and Ghlam Mustafa Khar, Altaf Hussain and MQM are inseparable, ALtaf Hussain is the center point and the reason for the party leadership’s respect. Separating from the MQM and forming another group will achieve nothing but dishonoring themselves.
Although it is a testing for the MQM, rumors and conspiracies are life, But I’m sure the MQM is going to stay in. Pakistan’s political arena as Pakistan does need a party with such vision and MQM is the only party that can fulfill the dream Quaid e Azam has envisaged this is the tome for workers  to strengthen themselves and their party and face the truth, this is not the first time MQM is facing such a crisis and it has always managed to fight and make a respectful comeback and that is why even their opponent to respect the party.

7/16/2018 1:12:47 PM