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Altaf Hussian evokes APMSO, youth to earn education

 Posted on: 6/10/2014
MQM Chief Altaf Hussain said in a message to the youth and activists of All Pakistan Muttahida Student Organization (APMSO), nation without education has to endure grave consequences, which lead the country into irresolvable problems.
In a statement issued from London Secretariat, Mr Hussain said the struggle which was begun from University of Karachi on 11th June 1978, aiming to render the rights of education for Muhajir students and unprivileged class. He said the student movement turned out to be a mass public movement of the country and now became a leading political party with middle and lower middle class leaderships.
He said APMSO which matured face was MQM spread all around the country, vowing to provide fundamental rights to all especially for the unprivileged class. He said people of all race and sects had gathered under the umbrella of MQM ensuring the movement would one day achieve its goal.
Mr Hussain said APMSO’s struggle for the rights of deprived extended to 36-year since 1978, despite all difficulties and hurdles. He remembered all his workers, including his elder brother Nasir Hussain and his nephew Arif Hussain who embraced martyrdom on the line of Muhajir struggle.
He said today is the day to restitute our promises to continue our struggle even if hurdles will come to hinder our way to success. He emphasized on students not to use unfair means during their exams and try no stone unturned for their education, because it is the only way of success not only for them but for the entire nation.

7/22/2018 10:47:07 PM