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MQM Coordination Committee Express Concerns On The Taliban Terrorist On Karachi Airport
 Posted on: 6/10/2014
Karachi Is The Jugular Vein O f Pakistan, If This  City Is Not Secured Then Pakistani National Assets Will Remain Under Threat From These Terrorists
An important session of the MQM Central Coordination Committee Pakistan and London was held with reference to the terrorist attack of Taliban on the Karachi Airport expressing their concern over the growing terrorist attacks in the port city. The Coordination Committee expressed their sorrow and grief on the martyrdom of personnel of Airport Security Force, Police, Rangers, Cargo Service and PIA.

The Coordination Committee reminded that for years MQM Founder & Leader Mr Altaf Hussain has been informing of the growing presence and stronghold of Taliban terrorists in Karachi. He appealed to save Karachi and demanded for an action against the Taliban terrorists but the previous as well as the present Governments paid no attention and today, several areas of Karachi have become the strongholds of Taliban terrorists. These terrorists operate from these areas and attack convoys of security forces, head offices and other areas of the city.

The Coordination Committee stated that Karachi is not only the biggest city of Pakistan but also its jugular vein. If this city is not secured then Pakistani national assets will remain under threat from these terrorists. The Coordination Committee through its session demanded the Federal Government, Provincial Government, Armed Forces, Military Institutions, Rangers, Police and other law enforcement agencies, in the name of national security, that now it is beyond doubt that Karachi is surrounded and under threat from Taliban terrorists; therefore, without waiting for any further terrorist attack, and take firm and concrete decision to tackle the Taliban terrorists. Instead of an operation against the innocent citizens, it is the need of time to take strong action against the terrorists who are in state of war against the State of Pakistan. To save Karachi from further terrorism all sensitive spots, its surrounding areas, all Afghan settlements, areas that are known Taliban strongholds; must be cordoned and searched to find out who is residing in these areas. The buses, minibuses, trains and other means of transport bringing passengers from outside the city must be checked. Following the example of Islamabad, Lahore and other cities of Pakistan, all illegal settlements in Karachi must be abolished that are currently proving to be the hideouts for Taliban terrorists.

The Coordination Committee said that action to eliminate the Taliban terrorists is now extremely essential not only for Pakistan’s security but also for peace and stability of the entire region. The Coordination Committee reiterated the resolve of Mr Altaf Hussain that for Pakistan’s security and stability MQM stands shoulder to shoulder with the Armed Forces and military institutions.


7/21/2018 8:54:17 AM