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Terrorist attack on the Karachi Airport should have opened our rulers’ eyes: Altaf Hussain

 Terrorist attack on the Karachi Airport should have opened our rulers’ eyes: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 6/9/2014 1
I have been telling them for the past few years that Taliban are coming to Karachi. They hold me up to ridicule.
The founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain has terrorist attack on the Karachi Airport should have opened our rulers’ eyes. He added that it is now and never situation for us. He said if we did not take strong action against terrorists and followed the policy of expediency then our airports and defense installations would not be save from them.
Commenting on the attack on Karachi Airport Mr. Hussain said, “ I would like to tell people of Pakistan clearly that these attacks are occurring due to negligence of our rulers. I have been telling them for the past few years that Taliban are coming to Karachi. They are gradually capturing areas of Karachi. Stop them or they will destroy Karachi, which is the economic Hub of Pakistan. Destruction of Karachi will cause damaged to Pakistan. They will destroy our defense installations and people. It is deplorable neither federal government nor provincial government paid attention to my warnings. They hold me up to ridicule. They said I was trying to frighten people. Some people said that I was against Pukhtoons who were in Karachi that’s why I am saying things about Taliban. Today, it has been proved that Talibans have not only established themselves in Karachi but targeting Pakistan’s important installations and places. The federal and the provincial governments know better how much they have gained influence in Karachi.”
Addressing the armed forces of Pakistan and provincial and federal government Mr. Hussain said, “ If you do not pay heed to what I am saying and did not take urgent steps to deal with the armed terrorists then our airports and important installations will not be save from their hands. I am sharing my apprehension with you. I am giving you a warning. I care about country’s security and survival. We should take tough decisions to save it. “
“Pakistan’s rulers, armed forces, defense institutions, political leader, intellectuals and people who love Pakistan should ponder. We have made Pakistan an object of ridicule by negotiating with terrorists. Are we trying to wipe out the name of Pakistan from the world’s map inadvertently? “ Mr. Hussain said.
“People should know. If I had power then I would declared emergency and war against terrorists. I would have appealed religious and political leadership to come forward for the integrity and survival of the country and help our armed forces. My heart bleeds when I hear the news of terrorist incidents. I appeal to the country’s institutions and people that they must unite against terrorists irrespective of their political affiliations if they want to save Pakistan. The nation must demand an urgent plan from the federal government and armed forces of Pakistan to deal with the terrorist and take strong against them. People will also make sacrifices. I once again tell the federal government and the armed forces of Pakistan that MQM will support their decision and stand by you, “ Mr. Hussain said.
“I once again offer three lakh volunteers to help armed forces and institutions of Pakistan to help in their fight against terrorism and security of Pakistan, “ Mr. Hussain said.
Mr. Hussain prayed to Allah for the protection and elimination of terrorists from Pakistan. He paid great tributes to personnel belong to police, ASF, Rangers and Army who fought bravely against terrorists to protect national assets and citizens and prayed to Allah to give them high places in paradise.
“Army, ASF, Rangers, Police and other security agencies are fighting bravely for the defense of the country and sacrificing their lives. The nation salutes them. I and MQM’s workers solute them. I assure you whenever we will receive a call to defend the country, we will ready to help unconditionally, “ Mr Hussain said.
In response to a question regarding black sheep in police and other agencies Mr. Hussain said, “We will able to deal with these black sheep if  the leadership of the armed forced, police and rangers show unity and we can also eliminate enemies of Pakistan .”
In response to another question regarding the foreign made arms and ammunition recovered from the terrorists Mr. Hussain said,” Pakistan should gather evidence and take the matter to UN. The nation will support that move. It will a send message to the world that Pakistanis are united and they will fight with their soldiers for the defense of their country.”
Mr. Hussain appealed for unity among people. He said, “ Pakistan is not the country four ethnic groups. It is also the country of Gilgiti and Biltistani, Hindko, Punjabi, Sindhi, Baloch, Pakhtoon and Urdu Speaking people. People should put aside their differences and  ethnic affiliation for the sake of Pakistan and fight against the terrorists as Pakistanis.”

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