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Ex-Secretary, agriculturist join MQM

Ex-Secretary, agriculturist join MQM
 Posted on: 6/2/2014 1
Former provincial secretary excise & taxation Aftab Memon and prominent personality from Mirpurkhas Abdul Hai Dhamra joined MQM and they fully endorsed Altaf Hussain’s political philosophy.
Speaking at a press conference at Nine-Zero, they said they joined MQM unconditionally and were influenced by Altaf Hussain’s and his activists’ struggle to achieve their goals. Members MQM Coordination Committee, including Dr Sagheer Ahmed, Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui, Ashfaq Mangi, Aslam Afridi, Iftikhar Akbar Rindhawa and Sindh Minister Rauf Siddiqui were also present on the occasion.
Memon and Dhamra asserted joining MQM was not a hasty decision. They said MQM was the only representative of middle class and it distributed responsibilities on the bases of merit. After studying country’s political culture, we inferred that only Altaf Hussain’s vision could sail the nation out of all troubles.
They appreciated MQM’s social welfare activities especially during natural calamities, while its leaders and workers worked on the ground in all dangers. Sindh Minister for Industry Rauf Siddiqui welcomed them in MQM and said MQM would finally achieve its goals through steadiness.

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