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Haq Parast members of National Assembly express concern over the news that the Karachi Mass Transit Project will be shelved

 Posted on: 5/28/2014

MQM will help the government in the removal ofencroachment and hurdles in the Mass Transit Project 

London: May 28, 2014

Haq Parast members of National Assembly has expressed concern over a news report that Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) has declined to work on Karachi Mass Transit Project. JICA conveyed their message in a letter to the Sindh Government.

“Mass Transits System is badly needed for mega city like Karachi because of the growing population of the city.After the implementation of Metro Bus Project, they have initiated the Orange Metro Train Project. Karachi has been ignored. Should be call it a conspiracy? , “ MQM MNs said in a joint statement.

They deplored that the project was about to be shelved because of lack of interest of federal and provincial governments.

JICA has said in its letter to the provincial government that they could not stuck their millions of money in theproject because the government had failed to remove encroachment from the areas which would be used by the Mass Transit Project.

Haq Parast members of the national assemblies have demanded that the project should be started urgently. He added that the government should pay attention to the city which is the hub of economic activities in the country. He assured that MQM would help the government to remove encroachment and hurdles in the Mass Transit Project.

6/20/2018 4:28:37 AM